Friday, January 30, 2009

Things about me :)

-Greys Anatomy
-The Office
-John and Kate plus 8
-American Idol
-Family Guy

-Vertical Diner
-Cheesecake Factory
-Whole Foods Market Deli
-Olive Garden
-Blue Iguana
-Hmm.. Does Good Earth count? lol

-Didn't work! Yay!
-Had a job interview with IHC for IMC hospital Orderly position! Went great!
-Spent almost the whole day with Levee!
-Went to Babies R Us.. I spoil Lev too much ;)
-Talked to Micah tons! Finally! Yay :)
-Went to dinner with my mommy and Lev to Olive Garden
-Took a bunch of hand me downs to my nieces :)
-Was up late with Levee, teething and night terrors.. poor guy.

-Getting back together with my best friend :)
-Moving back home and starting over fresh!
-Hearing back about the job interview
-Planning Levins 1st Birthday! March 10!
-Loosing more weight. I've lost 20 lbs since October!
-Superbowl Sunday party at Ty and Laceys!
-Going VEGAN!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!!
-The summer! WARM can't come soon enough

-A new Job... That I am truley happy and content with
-Levin to be completely NON-SICK!!!
-Getting engaged by the end of 2009
-Some plastic surgery ha ha..
-Being depression free and happier than ever with Micah
-Another baby... Not right now ;) Don't tell Micah ha ha
-Going on a vacation... Anywhere!!!
-To weigh 115 lbs!!

A new Beginning is coming..

So.. the news that a lot of people have been asking, and waiting for. Micah and I have decided, ultimately to work on our family, and relationship. We both know, it won't be easy but we are willing to put in 110%. We have been seperated now for 4 months. It has been a good break for both of us :) It was hard, but much needed and He and I have figured a lot out. I know some of my friends personally, don't think this isn't the best decision but were going to give it our best shot. I am very, very happy and excited about life for once in a long time. :) I really do love him and Our baby more than anybody could ever know, They are my everything. Wish us luck, seeing as this is about our 4th try ;) lol! I will be moving back home in the beginning of February :) I can't wait!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The "Bear hat"

Could he be any more CUTE!! If any of u don't already know, I am obsessed with hats for him that have ears :) Saw this one, and put it on him asap! He doesn't like it very much though!

Say ChEESE!!!

Micah and I were laughing sooo hard when I took this picture! Here he is showing off his new 2 top teeth that came in about a month and a half ago :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Up date :)

Well, like I had said in our first post.. A lot has changed in the past couple months. Levin and I have been staying with Ron, Kristen and Alec since mid-October. Micah and I seperated, but are trying to work things out. Right now, things aren't going the best. I got laid off from work as of last thursday, and am looking for a new job that is full time. They are keeping me only 2 days a week now, so my income was cut in less than half. Ron and Kristen are going to be selling their house so Levin and I will also be looking for some where to live by March. Things will work tout though, I am hoping for the best! :) The good thing about this is, I will get to spend more time with Levee, and our day care bill will be cut in less than half. I will keep u all up dated on the job search, wish me luck. I am not usually very Religious, but.. Keep us in your Prayers :) Love you all.

Halloween 2008

Levin was a Cute little Penguin for his first Halloween :) The costume was sooo cute! It was stuffed and everything. This was Halloween morning at Day care. He was in a little parade with all the other babies that morning. What a fun day!

Looking in the Bathroom Mirror..

Levee and I! He was 5 months old in this picture. He was laughing at him self SO hard in the mirror! It was great! I was lucky enough to have my camera phone to get this pic. :)

Our NEW Blog! And Up dates..

Welcome 2009! Levin and I are going to try and get better at this blogging thing ;) A lot has changed in the past couple months so I wanted to start fresh. As many of you may know, Micah and I have seperated and are trying to work thing out, I am hoping for the best! Levee and I have been staying at Ron and Kristens house, they are such great friends, I Don't know what I would do without them.. But things are again, about to change. I will let you know how things are going soon! :)
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