Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brightons Birthday! October 16, 2009 8:36 pm Re-Vamped :)

Welcoming Baby Brighton!
He was born October 16. 2009
I just found some more pictures and wanted to edit the post :) So here it is!!
What a wonderful day this was for our Family.
The experience was so amazing, giving birth to a child is just such a miracle to me.
I don't care what the pain, the many days of bed rest, preterm labor, pain after the C-Section,
it was ALL worth it.
It was about 12:00 pm, and I had been having contractions for about 2 days and had been in preterm labor since week 28. My OB appointment was the day before, and I had made a lot of progress from the week before which was great news! At my OB appointment she told me I could go down to Labor and Delivery to be admitted and checked out, but I wasn't quite ready. I still had a ton to do at home, and I had been at the Dentist for 3 hours getting cavities filled just before my appointment. So I hadn't eaten all morning either. And I knew that If they did decide to deliver the him, that I wouldn't be able to see Levin for at least 4-5 days :-( So, home I went. I wanted to wait as long as possible to go to the hospital.
She said If I got worse, to be sure to come back. Called Micah with the good news, and let him know that tomorrow was probably going to be the day that the baby would be here, he was so excited! :) When I got home I tried to rest a little and then I started getting everything ready. Just some house cleaning, and all that fun stuff ;) Felt okay the rest of the night, just a few contractions here and there. The next day when I woke up, they were a lot worse, so I knew I would be going in for sure. I had Micah stay home from work just in case, good thing he did! At about 12:00 I headed to the Hospital, hoping today was going to be the day I meet my little guy. I got admitted and hooked up to the monitors, and my IV started.. After 4 tries. Ouch! And then the waiting game began.. She checked my Cervix and at that time I was a 3 1/2 and 80% effaced. She said that If within an hour, my cervix didn't change I would more than likely be sent home. Bummer! So, I waited and she finally came back in at 2:30 re checked me, and guess what? No change! I was pretty disapointed. So she said she would go let Dr. Ponder know what was going on, and then would come back and let me know If I was dis-charged or going to be having a baby today. I was really trying not to get my hopes up but in this case it was really hard.. So i waited again, for about 15 minutes, and she came back in with paper work in her hands, and she said "you are having a baby today! Congratulations!" What WONDERFUL, and surprising news this was to me! I started crying and she came over and hugged me :) She was so sweet. She had let me know we would probably be going in for the surgery around 6:30-7. I had then called Micah and told him to get everything together and to head over. Yay! So we waited, a little more... and more... 7:00 rolled around and the Nurse came in and let us know we had been bumped, and now it would be 8:00. This was okay with me, as I was already thankful to be having him today anyways. But Micah on the other hand, was getting way antsy! I think he was just nervous ;) Finally! 8:00! The anesthesiologist came in and had me fill out all the paper work for the spinal and we were set to go. The Nurses came in 5 min later and we were now headed to the OR! How exciting! When we got down there, they helped me up on the table and tried to put the Spinal in THREE HORRIBLE, PAINFUL times.. It hurt so bad, I kept jumping everytime. I felt so bad! I tried to hold still, but it is just such an un-comfortable feeling. Finally he got it in! And they began. At 8:36 pm, he made his appearance! Welcome baby Brighton. Micah and I both cried as soon as we heard him. I sadly, didn't get my "moment" with him right after he was born, which did make me pretty sad. I didn't get to see him, or hold him for over 20 minutes. But he was crying well, and he was a perfectly healthy 38 week gestation baby. At that moment, as any mom knows, you can finally breath a sigh of relief. Just knowing he is healthy, and you made it! What a HUGE accomplishment! I went back to my room to recover and they finally brought him in for me to hold while we were waiting to be moved up to the second floor. What a little sweet heart! I will never forget this day, it will be etched in my mind forever.


  1. What a beautiful and peaceful birth story........I'm SOo jealous! Hahaha just kidding, well, actually I'm not, but I'm jealous in the best possible way! Gorgeous pictures, absolutely love the ones of Levin meeting his new baby bro, so precious!

  2. Thank you so much for reading Alisha :) You're the only one! So sweet :) It was another wonderful, but painful experience haha. And I love them too. I hadn't seen Levin in 4 days (this was during the H1N1 outbreak) So It was really a great moment. I missed him SO much!


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