Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dear Summer.. We have some seriously fun plans. Can you just get here already!?

So, what I'm thinking I'll do is start with our up-coming trip and edit from there! Next weekend, May 15th-16th we are going down to stay at the Casablanca Resort in Mesquite! Were having some more friends and family join us this year too, SO.. Very excited! Looking forward to some swimming with the babies,laying out, good food, and maybe a little gambling ;) Just looking forward for some 90* weather!

Here is my new Swim suit!


  1. First off, thanks for what you posted on my blog, it meant a lot! LOVE all your recent posts!! Love that swimsuit, and you look fabulous!! Sorry to hear that your little Brighton was in the hospital, that really tugged at my heart to see those pictures, as I'm sure you know. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with that. I'm by no means an "expert", but I do think that I know Primary and most of the doctors there like the back of my hand!! Good luck, and we should get together more

  2. Alicia! You are so sweet! I love reading your blog, I really do! Yeah, this was his second time in 3 months. And his 6th ear infection, so he will be having surgery to get tubes in June. You let me know too, If there is anything I cna do for you! I would loveee to get together! With Felicia too?! That would be fun! There is so much fun stuff we could go do :) And thank you for that compliment, and I wish that was me modeling the swim suit! Its just the model though :( Let me know, really If you would have some time to have a play date :) 801 602 5825


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