Thursday, May 27, 2010

It is finally complete! My Nursing essay for applying to the program!

I only have a couple more things left to do for the application process, this has been the most difficult part though. I finally finished it, and am pretty proud of my self. It all came out as I had imagined it would. Thank you Megan for your help in proof reading it! I adore you..

It is fairly long, but thank your for your time if you are able to read it all. :)

Why I would make a wonderful Registered nurse.

I cannot believe that I have finally reached this moment In my life. It may not seem like much to some people, but having the opportunity to write this essay means a lot to me. I have been working in the Medical field for nearly six years now and I have been loving every minute of it. Currently I am a Medical/Ophthalmic Assistant for Alta View Eye Care Center and looking into getting involved with The Hospital to do some Volunteering.
About a year ago I found my self At Utah Career College. I had come to one of the Nursing Seminars and instantly fell in love with the program, and the campus. I knew right away that Utah Career College was the school for me. At the time, I was 4 months pregnant and had a 1 year old baby at home, but my desire to become a nurse had never been stronger. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I decided I wanted to go for it. I believe that when you have the desire, and motivation to do something you should go for it with all of your heart! I believe Hard work pays off In the end. Along with all of this, support is a huge plus. I had all the above. The support of my Family was the final key to knowing that the decision to further my education was the right one for me.
After speaking with Caroleigh and a lot of studying, I got started with the Accuplacer exam. I honestly did my best, but was very disappointed with my sentence and arithmetic scores; however my test scores do not reflect my abilities to perform as a Nurse. I came back again and repeated these sections of the exam, but this time I didn't pass the arithmetic. I was disappointed In myself and I knew I could have done better. I was determined to pass this. Here I was crying my eyes out as it was the deadline for the October Start date, and I wasn't going to make it in. I was heartbroken, I have wanted this for so long and was so close, but yet so far away. Caroleigh encouraged me to take some summer classes to brush up on my math and come back after I had the baby and try again for the third and last time. So I did just that and I enrolled at Salt Lake Community College In Taylorsville. I took math, Chemistry, Psychology courses and completed the Summer semester with a 3.7 GPA! It felt great, and I was feeling a lot more confident. My goal was to come back into the School and take the Accuplacer for the last time as soon as I could; however I didn't foresee it being another 9 months. I went into preterm Labor with my son at 6 months, and was put on bed rest up until a couple weeks before I had him. Even with as much motivation and determination as I had, I knew it was meant to be that I wasn't able to start that October. I had a healthy baby boy at 37 weeks and was ready to get started again as soon as possible.
Here I am today with 2 babies, working part time and cannot wait to start school! My excitement when I passed that arithmetic exam was indescribable. I knew I could do it! I know it was only by 5 %, but I had made a promise to myself and my little boys, that I would do my very best and had fulfilled it. My children are my world, and I want to do anything and everything possible to make their lives even better. I have so many things in life that have kept me motivated, Including my supportive family, and the drive to succeed. I'm beyond excited to be studying In a career that I respect and love so much so that I just want to put my whole heart into it. All of the doctors that I have worked for have said the same thing about me, I have a wonderful bedside manner and a positive attitude. Which Just so happen to be two very important qualities to have in doing my dream job, nursing.
One of the many great things about being a Registered Nurse Is the countless job opportunities! There are so many directions In which you can take your career. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse or work In the NICU. What an amazing opportunity it would be to help these women and tiny, beautiful children In their medical care. After having 2 children of my own, this career goal has never been more clear for me. While in the hospital, after just having a C-section, one of the first nurses on shift after the delivery had forgotten my medications several times. She apologized quickly but got irritated because I asked for some help with a couple of things in the room. The way she treated me made me feel like a number at the DMV and not like a patient in a hospital. I believe no patient should ever have to feel like that. By having the title “RN” you have so many responsibilities, one of them is giving the best care possible to all of the people you come across and doing it with a smile and a great attitude. It means more to the patients than we know.
I have set several career goals to accomplish in my life. First on my list is gaining the experience to become the best nurse that I can be as well as some volunteer work. I believe that these are very important steps in growing and working towards other career goals that I hope to accomplish one day. Second on my list is to accomplish becoming a Charge Nurse. I am a very well rounded, responsible woman and I handle things well under pressure. I delegate lists and things that need to be done, not only at my job but in my home life as well.
My ultimate goal for my Nursing career is getting my Master of Science degree in nursing so that I may be able to work as a Nurse Practitioner or Midwife. Being a part of something as wonderful as welcoming a new baby into the world would be such a great experience and to be able to do this as your career would be an honor.
I know that this up coming path in my life isn't going to be easy. Nothing in life that is worth it ever is. Nursing school is a huge commitment but I am prepared for it. I think the key to completing this program successfully, is learning how to manage your time and priorities between school work , your job and your family. I understand that having children may make this a little more difficult, but thousands of women have completed nursing school successfully and so can I. My inner drive has grown so much since becoming a mother. I would do anything and everything possible for my boys. I could never give up on them, and never plan to. This is what is going to keep me motivated the most. Seeing their bright, little smiling faces everyday, knowing that I am doing my very best for them and for our family. All of the many hours at school and late nights studying, will be worth it to me.
I am a superior student. I know that some of my grades from High School may not reflect this, but I can assure you I will do everything possible to make you proud and to be one of the best students that you have ever had attend Utah Career College's nursing program. I will strive to become the best nurse I can possibly be and I won't ever give up on myself.
I wanted to share a couple of nursing quotes I came across:

-When you're a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours. ~Unknown
-Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.
~Dag Hammarskjold

Thank you,
Marcy Baum
Prospective nursing student


  1. What a huge accomplishment to get this far, keep it up! I would pick you :)

  2. Thank you Kelsey! I find out this week If I got in or not. Ahhh!


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