Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Mamma, wata fowers?"

Our Pumpkins, Mini-Pumpkins, cucumbers and tomatoes are finally getting bigger! And growing beautifully. It's so exciting, especially for Levee. He LOVES to water them. Anytime we go into the back yard to play, "Mamma, wata fowers?" It is SO cute. We'll be moving the larger pumpkins into a bigger pot here soon. Those are my favorite! I really hope I don't kill them.. Because, If you didn't know, Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I have always wanted to grow my own pumpkins and carve them. So, really hoping they make it!


  1. Your pumpkins look great! They're sturdy plants. I used to grow them every year in high school. Seriously my favorite plant to grow!

  2. They are turning out Fabulous! So exciting :)


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