Friday, June 4, 2010

Some random Friday evening thoughts.

-I went over my weight watchers points today (Only by 2 points).. All for 2 damn mint oreo's. But wow, were they yummy. Worth it? Probably not. Weekly balance down now as well. PS: I love the program. Other than tonight, I'm rockin' WW!

-Just finished watching Gangs of New York with Eric and Micah. Not the biggest fan, I'm gonna be honest.
-The anticipation of waiting to find out if I made it into Nursing school is killing me. Not sure what my reaction will be if I don't make it in. Nervous for next week. That's when the letter will be coming in the mail.

-A new guy got hired at work. Secretly. Found out by coming to work.. "Huh? Who's the new guy?" Seriously? I guess communication is too difficult for some people... How annoying.
-I love that my kitchen is FINALLY clean, it's only taken me 2 days now to clean it nicely. I love Green works cleaning products.

-Bought a new candle tonight, the Febreeze Brazillian flavor. Now that the house is clean, I wanna light it.
-It's supposed to be 85* here tomorrow. Finally, nice weather! Were going to the Living Planet Aquarium tomorrow with the babies and some friends. They have a new Penguin exhibit. Pretty sure the kids will love it :) Well Levee at least.
-I'm officially addicted to diet mountain dew, and coke zero. mmmmmmmmmmmm.
-I probably should get on top of getting Brighton moved into his crib... The swing he sleeps in, BARELY moves any more he weighs so much. LOL!
-Our Garden of Pumpkins, tomatoes and cucumbers is finally growing! Levee loves to water them :)
-Mad at myself for not going to the gym today
-Went "cleaning and baby" supply shopping at my favorite place, Target today. Spent WAY too much $$. Yeah.. Like 150.00. Yikes! But we were out of a lot. Now I am actually a little excited to clean.

-I REALLY enjoy my blog, and blogging all together! I wish I were a little better at it though.
Apparently I have a lot on my mind tonight, glad I have some where to post my thoughts.


  1. I think you are doing a fantastic job! I have loved catching up on your life this afternoon! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you SO much! I want to get better though. Wish I knew how! I'm trying by researching other blogs and such. Any other ideas or advice you could give me? I would appreciate any! :) Thanks again! I enjoy reading your blog as well. :)

  3. LOVE the Greenworks products! They make my kitchen super clean. Target is the devil...I can spend ALL of my money there too!

  4. I love Greenworks! And the smell of all of the products is perfect. Nice, clean and fresh. I get into trouble everytime I go in there! Ahhh. But It's fun :)


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