Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Things that are making me Happy right now.

1. The fact that I am finally having a chance to sit down and relax (finally!)

2. Cocoa Bean Cupcakes... (Provo, Utah) AMAZING.

3. Being able to be a stay at home Mom with my 2 Beautiful sons!

4. I start Nursing School next week.. Scared to death but couldn't be more happy.

5. Long Summer Days..And the sound of Crickets chirping at night

6. My house is very clean right now and pretty organized, that's always a great feeling

7. My Garden is Growing beautifully!! (I'll post pictures soon.) My tomatoes and Pumpkins are close to sprouting.

8. My new Kindle App on my My Touch.. Downloaded the whole Jane Austin collection.. FREE!

9. Just made plans to hang out with my wonderful friend Alisha and Lacey this weekend.

10. My kids aren't sick anymore!! (They were both sick all last week with fevers & Roseola)

Here's to a good rest of the week! Thank you all for reading :-)



  1. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. You're pretty gorgeous yourself lady!! You family is so beautiful!!

    Good luck in school!

  2. Love the new background! Seriously, I want your help with the new blog I'm starting! Glad that you are excited to hang out, can't wait!

  3. Oh you are so welcome! And thank you very much :) So is your family! I just love your little guy and I really enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Thanks Alisha!! I can't wait to see the new blog, what will this one be about? So excited to see it. I would love to try and help you out for sure :) I am very excited, looking forward to it for sure!!

  5. Well, I am redesigning my current one for just Em and me. But then doing one that is a journal, I guess is the best way to describe it, but I just did a new post on it, so go ahead and read if you would like!

  6. So cute. Nice job with the revamp. I can't wait for you to read the rest of the Austin series. We'll have to get together to watch all the movies. Tyler cries when he sees another blockbuster come in the mail, lol.


I love and appreciate all of your comments! Thank you for reading!

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