Monday, July 19, 2010

First day Of Nursing School!

My sweet Levee and I on my way out the door to go to school!

Today was my first day of Nursing school. I LOVED it! I am starting with some general education classes for now then I'll get to start on Nursing core classes next quarter. I love the school, the professors, everything about it! I made a new friend too, her name is Julie. She has children too and is In the Nursing program with me. We some how ended up having all of our classes together! And we will start our Nursing classes and Clinical's together in October. I am going to grow so much in the next 2 years here, I can't wait. The only difficult thing about tonight was not being able to be home to put my babies to sleep and thinking of the many nights I am not going to be there for them at bed time. I missed that so much, more than I ever thought I would. I looked at the clock while sitting in math at 8:00, quite sad and got a little teary eyed missing them and Micah. I know it will be worth it in the end, it will just take some getting used to.. Here's to a Fabulous, successful next 2 years! I'll be up-dating how school is going in the next little while. Wish me luck!



  1. Well of course, good luck! But I don't think you'll need it! And I'm glad you found yourself a confidant, that can be as good as gold! I bet your family missed you tonight too!


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