Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just a few cute recent pictures of the boys!

On our walk..After running through the sprinklers, found this stream and he was splashing in it. So cute!

I got this from Lagoon for Levin and he loves it! He trots around on it neighing like a horse.
Brighton and I, 4th of July weekend playing on the blanket in the grass.
Levin, sick with a 103* fever.
Brighton having some snacks. I did his hair this day into a teeny, tiny mo hawk.
What happens when Daddy's in charge ;)

Brighton eating a half of an oreo cookie without the frosting. MESSY! But he loved it.


  1. So, so, so cute!!! We really need to get our kids together again, soon! And I didn't know that the cookie part of Oreos are milk free?? I'd probably still be afraid to give it to Em though, since it might still have traces of milk from the frosting. Can't have an anaphylactic reaction on my watch!

  2. I think the whole Oreo is vegan...or at least it used to be. Cute pics Marci.

  3. Thanks guys! Actually, Oreo's are 100% Vegan, milk free. I just didn't want to give him that much sugar :) Alicia, we totally should! And you could double check the oreos on line just to be sure. Micah has, but you could always double check!

  4. My favorite are Levin with his horse and Brighton in the box. So cute!!

  5. Thanks Candice! It is really funny, He loves that thing. Yeah, when I came home from the store I saw that.. Both of them in boxes! And they loved it, talk a cheap toy ;)

  6. New follower from MBC and I LOVE your pics! What cute boys! Wish I still had little ones at home. Mine's all grown up. ;o)


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