Thursday, July 15, 2010

A list of my favorite baby items I have grown to love!

After having 2 little ones, I feel like I finally can do a post such as this one, and I'm pretty excited about it! As Mother's we all have some of our "Favorite" & "Can't live without" Baby items. Here are a few of mine that I have fallen in love with over the past 2 years.

#1: My Boppy pillow.. Absolutely love it! It has been my number one baby item!

#2: MAM Binkies, neither of my boys would take anything else. They have so many fun designs, I just love them.

#3: Pampers Swaddlers. I used these until we were done with size 2's. So soft and comfortable. I wouldn't use any other diaper for my newborn, these are perfect!

#4: Our Fabulous Sorelle Princeton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer - Cherry color. Levin used it first and we have recently moved Brighton into it. Beautiful, durable and I love that it's a 4 in 1.

#5: Playtex Vent air Bottles. They are a little difficult to clean but it's worth it. Wonderful bottles.

#6: Our first Fisher Price swing. I got it on KSL for a steal! Loved this swing.. Seeing as Brighton wouldn't sleep any where else!

#7: Baby Legs! I just love these!

Here is Brighton wearing his :) (2 weeks old)

#8: My Samsung Camera. It's been such a great camera for us! I wish I could afford a Nikon.. Maybe one day though. This is small, cute and easy to use!

#9: 2..Well maybe 3 words.. Babies R' Us! Perfect store!

#10: Playtex Sippy cups: Talk about durable! And the cutest designs. Levee loves all of his.

#11: Gerber Puffs: Perfect snack for infants and toddlers!

I love all of these baby items! If we ever have another baby (would hope for a girl this time) ;) I would definitely use them again, and maybe by then they'll be even better. Thanks for reading!



  1. My Bobby was always my fave too! Course couldn't use it for what it's supposed to be used for (since Em couldn't), but loved how nicely Em could sit in it! Just perfect!

    I'm hoping you have a girl someday too, because I know you would have a beautiful girl!

  2. Yeah they are so useful! And I really hope so too.. One day maybe? And thank you so much! I can imagine all the pink and big flower headbands and clips now.. :)


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