Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cupcakes..Inception..16th Birthday!

Today, my niece's, Mom and I celebrated a belated 16th Birthday for my cute niece ShayNee! She turned 16 on the 8th. She has grown up SO fast, It's crazy how fast the time goes. I remember when she was just a little girl baby sitting her and her sister's, and now 2 of them are about to Graduate High School this year. So proud! Way to go guys. To start the events off, my amazing Mom went to The Cocoa bean and picked us all up some yummy cupcakes then headed up to hang out for a while before the movie started. We saw "Inception." All I can say... Is Interesting... Not as great as I had anticipated It to be. I was honestly a little disappointed which was kind of a bummer since I have been waiting a month to see it. But It was still fun to have the chance to get out and have a little fun with my Family! Afterward's we stopped by Bath and Body works to pick up some lotion while It was on sale. Yay for new lotion and Halloween themed handsoap! (Thanks Mom!) The label is beyond cute and glows in the dark. Love it! After that we stopped and grabbed some dinner and then my Mom dropped me off at Home. It was a fun night out! Happy sweet 16 ShayNee, love ya!

Interesting movie for sure...

Waiting for the movie to start!

My wonderful, fabulous, beautiful Momma

My niece ShayNee and I

My niece Teesha, such a doll!

Mmmmm, popcorn & Diet Coke! Oh, and a 100 Cal pack of Milano cookies I snuck in. Tee hee.

They taste as amazing as they look..... Raspberry cheesecake & Reese's peanut butter cup. *Drools

I heart the Cocoa Bean!


  1. Oh I love Reese's. Maybe I'll have to try it. I love making chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. It sounds like you guys had a great night!

  2. I do too, mmmmmmm. I have never made them before I want to try though sometime! We did, I had been doing homework and still am today, so It was a nice break from Midterms haha.

  3. I am dying for that Reese cupcake.

    I just use the regular upload feature. Sometimes if it is taking forwever, I start over. Then it will go a lot faster.

    When I uploaded my video, it gave me an error. On fact, it showed up as a black box, yet when I hit was there. Who knows??


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