Sunday, August 15, 2010

He's a big boy now! Wait a minute....

Already?! Well, to most, this may not be such a big event, but to me anything and everything is! Including little Brighton no longer wearing sleeper pajamas to bed.. He is now already in a 18-24 month size of clothes and has outgrown all of his sleeper jammies but 2 pair! I can hardly believe it. It is amazing how fast they grow up, right before our eyes. I remember when he was born and was in preemie clothes for a month, now he is wearing double his size that he "should" be in. (9 months...Wait, 10 months tomorrow! Oh my..) So, here he is along with some cute pictures of Levin after bath time in his "Big boy jammies."

Oh, This smile, such a little cheese ball! He was flapping his little arms and kicking his legs like crazy!

"What Mom? I'm Just hangin' out!"
Priceless picture.. Love it! He was about to crawl.

Levin absolutely LOVES his little brother! Here they are hanging out on his Race car bed after bath time.
Levin and his sidekick.."Slush". This dog goes EVERYWHERE Levin does. I need to start looking for a replacement in case he gets lost or looses an ear..Or tail. (Brighton chews on this puppy ALL the time) ;)

My 2 little "Babies"... That I won't be able to call my babies for too much longer. They're growing too fast. I never want to forget these days. Any and every moment is a cherished one! Love you my sweet little babies, Love you Always & Forever, your Momma.


  1. That's crazy!! Crazy that another child under the age of one has yet again passed Em up in size!! But, that's so fun, and I'm sure it's really nice that he and his brother can share clothes :)


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