Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Living Planet Aquarium Family day

Today I decided we were in need for a fun Family day... Since I have started Nursing school we don't really get out much and I hardly ever get to see Micah anymore so we went to the Living Planet Aquarium, and It was a blast! The babies loved it! Their favorite part was the Penguin Exhibit. We were there for quite a while, but they were so fun to look at. They were interactive too! Anytime one of the kids would stand by the glass, one would swim up and play around where they were standing. After seeing everything we stopped by the gift shop and let the babies choose a toy so they got a new puzzle. It was such a fun time. I only wish we could do this all the time, I have really missed it. At least I am fortunate enough to get to be with them all day at home! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hangin' out at the Penguin Exhibit, the kids LOVED it. We were at this section for at least a half hour. It was so fun, those penguins are so cute.

After we saw everything we stopped at the Gift shop and let the kids pick out a toy to share, they chose this cute magnetic fishing puzzle.

Cute smile! He had such a great time!

This was more towards the end, he was exhausted! And SO done with Mommy taking pictures.

Waiting to pet a stingray.. Yikes!

Me and little Brighton. Levee didn't want to take anymore pictures ;)

Checking out the fishies.

The only good picture I got of a penguin! I had to have taken at least 50!

Cute little turtle.

Coral and more fish.

Jelly fish! Aren't these little guys amazing? I just think they are so cool!


  1. You wouldn't think jellyfish were so cool if you ever been stung by a school of them and had to go to the Mexican hospital :/ But, even I have to admit, they are cool to look at, at least from behind glass ;)

    My favorite are the sea turtles (we thought Em kinda resembled "Squirt" from Nemo when she was first born) and of course the penguins, and I LOVE the stingrays!! When we went this last time, Em was actually willing to pet them, but the water there is too deep, was Levee able to reach them?? The pool was just the right depth at the Mandalay Bay aquarium in Vegas, but Em didn't want to have anything to do with them then :(

    Glad you had so much fun, you guys deserved it!!

  2. Alisha, first sentence.. laughing my butt off. Sorry!!! Yes, I can imagine how NOT FUN that would be! Ouchie!

    The sea turtles are SO darn cute! But the penguins were all of our favorites! The kids didn't want to leave the window to see them.. We were there for over 30 minutes haha. It was fine by me, seeing them have fun is what made it fun for us! They were so excited. No, Levee couldn't reach them either :( He tried, but it was too deep. I want to go back to that aquarium In Vegas, It is seriously cool.

    Thank you So much! It was much needed and they had a lot more fun than I thought they would :)


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