Monday, August 9, 2010

Not me Monday.

This should be a very fun "Not me Monday" post! I haven't done one in a while! Link up to McMamma If you would like to participate!

In the past month I did not get overly excited with being pregnant with our third blessing, only to be having a miscarriage over the last couple of days.. I was almost 6 weeks along. I guess everything happens for a reason.. My heart is beyond sad. I did not eat about 6.. yes, 6 cupcakes total in the last week because I have some of the best parents ever that drive an hour to bring me my favorite specialty cupcakes from The Cocoa bean cupcake Cafe I didn't keep falling asleep at any moment possible over the past 2 weeks. I did not get jealous over 2 of my best friends having their babies within the last 2 weeks. I did not spend way too much time on Baby I didn't slack on our laundry for a whole week.. Yikes! Talk about catching up. I did not procrastinate on 3 assignments last week and do them at the very last minute. Hey, I did eventually get them done though. I did not, not put Brighton in his crib when he fell asleep because all I want to do is snuggle, cuddle and watch him sleep and dream. I did not wish I was on an island on a much needed vacation. And lastly, I did NOT skip out on my last class tonight so I could come home and put my babies to bed....

Ooooh my. I forgot how much I love "Not me Monday's!" Thank you!


  1. I love how you can re-do a week :)>. I'm so sorry though Marci. I'll be praying for you. Oh and I slack on laundry for like 2 weeks all the time, so no worries there, lol. You're such an amazing woman and a great mommy. You boys (AND MICAH) are so lucky.

  2. Thank you Lacey :) It totally sucks.. But I guess it's just not meant to be with me in school and everything else that is going on right now. I'll take it as it is and move on. I just want another little one SO bad.. Sigh. Anyway, You should start doing this monday post, it's fun. Link up to McMamma @ Also, her blog is on my list on the right hand side. And PS: I despise laundry! Grr.

  3. Oh dear I'm SO sorry! I can probably relate more than a lot of people you know too. :( Anyway, sounds like you could use a girls' night out, maybe to the Cocoa Bean Cafe! I could too, just an FYI. Again very sorry to hear this news :(

  4. Thanks Alisha. I wasn't going to say anything, but.. I had to vent about it some where. I went in for a blood test today. My levels should have been WAY higher than they were. :( This has been my first one, and wow. It's heartbreaking. I'm not in as much pain as they say most women are with a miscarriage, kinda weird. And yes! A girls night out sounds Fabulous!!!! Let's do it, next weekend?? Or maybe this friday night? Let me know ladies! <3 you. Thanks again.


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