Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cars, cars & more cars.

We spent the majority of the day at the PACE event, it was a blast! Cars, cars & more cars everywhere. And nice ones at that. Micah is in the process of getting sponsored by a well reputable company "Unknown Coatings"and his car was the one representing some of their wonderful powder coating work. His wheels were just done last night, it is hard to tell from the pictures but they have a really cool metallic red sparkle in them along with our shift knob, valve cover & some other parts under the hood. It was really fun getting to see some of my old car buddies too. Since I have had my kiddos, I did the smart thing & sold my turboed 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2nd Gen. I sure do miss it! But getting to go to these events several times a year helps with the itch of wanting another ;)

One of our great friends Eric's car & our Hatch

The "Civvy" (As i call it)

Levin adoring the new wheel color, thanks Shawn!

Brighton, not too interested. He would rather read a book instead.

Loving the new color.

2009 Mitsubishi Evolution 10

Unknown Coatings sticker

Some of Shawn's great work. See the Orange one on the top? Soon-to-be color of our wheels here soon. Excited!

2.5 RS Subaru, posing as a STi. Still a nice car though.
Mitsubishi Evolution, awesome wheel color.

One of my most favorite CARS in the world. Side view of the wheels & tires.

1999 Eclipse GSX on the left & my friend JP's 1998 Eagle Talon TSi on the right. If I could have any car.. That would be it.

Front view of the Eclipse.
My last car I had was this exact car, color & year only difference was mine was an automatic, and a GST (front wheel drive) not All wheel drive.

Fun day with all of our car friends! Definitely worth the drive :)


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