Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Brighton had his first surgery today and was such a trooper! He did amazing! It was what many call a "routine" surgery, but it was still a BIG deal to me. And might I say, I really dislike when people call it that, because that definition can mean something completely different from one mother to another.
He had tubes put in his little ears today.
I was most nervous about the pain he was going to experience, during and afterward along with him actually going under anesthesia. Dr. Muntz & The Anesthesiologist came out and talked to us, of course letting us know all of the details and how things were going to go back in the O.R. My fabulous friend Alisha met me up at the Hospital (which may I add was about an hour long drive for her.. Along with having to find a baby sitter for her Special-needs daughter, she is so wonderful! I cannot thank her enough....)
Micah had to stay home with our other little one, Levin so he was un-able to go with me. After a quick nebulizer (breathing) treatment before the procedure, and getting to play with some toys and watch a little snippet of The Lion King beforehand, we waited for the time to come for him to go back. I did a lot better than I thought I was going to! And did my best not to cry ;) The surgery itself only took about 20 minutes, the Doctor then came and let us know he did wonderfully, we then headed to the recovery room to observe his vital's, and to fully come out of the anesthesia.
He was crying pretty hard when he first saw me, but stopped shortly after I picked him up, cuddled and held him letting him know I was there and everything was okay.
I just love him so very much. I am SO glad this is over and that we will (hopefully) not have another winter of ear infection, after another.
This was a big day for little Brighton, he is such a strong little boy! He was already back to his old little self within a couple of hours after getting home from the Hospital.

My wonderful friend Alisha gave him this cute puppy. Can you see the excitement and surprise in his face? I love this!

Us waiting to go back for surgery. He's not too sure what to think..

Alisha and Brighton, this woman is truly amazing. I still don't understand how I am so lucky have have her in my life!

I just loved the little scrubs they put the kids in, so stinkin' cute.

Just playing & hanging out.

ALL boy.. Trying to poke the dolls eyes and he was pulling her hair by the handful. You could tell he was thinking, "How can I destroy this thing?"

He loved this little rocking horse.. Until he fell off of it the second I turned my head and face planted it... Yeah, talk about feeling bad!

His smile is so heart warming.

About to go back into the O.R. with the Doctor. Notice the FIST!? Oh my. I can't tell you how hard I was laughing when I noticed that!

One last hug, squeeze, kiss... I didn't want to hand him over.

Nebilizer treatment for his lungs (he has reactive airway disease and is on a nebulizer with albuterol and pulmicort as needed) Just for pre-cautions.

In recovery, drifting back to sleep... Drinking some apple juice.

Mommy loves you my sweet little "Pork chop!" I hope we have a Winter with far less sickness & ear infections.

His cute little Surgery doll they gave him. I might add, how much he LOVES penguins! How cool is that, he got one with a penguin gown? Anyway, he loves it. Currently using it as a balloon weight for his Elmo balloon Momma got him.



  1. You made me cry! I am lucky to!! I already love that boy to pieces, and I am proud of him, he did so great! Take it from a mom that knows how most kids react in that situation, because I see it all the time! Way to go Brighton.....and Mom of course, you did great too Marci!

  2. Awwww, sorry I made you cry! I'm sure it was good tears though. :) Thank you! He did do great! A lot better than I thought! The whole experience was better than I thought it would be though for sure which is good. And I am so surprised I didn't cry..
    Thanks again for coming. I know I have thanked you a thousand times, but I really am thankful!

  3. Awe! So I gotta say the fist reminds me of micah lol! You did amazing any surgery counts as surgery. I didn't know he had a reactive airway disorder, that is what I have!

  4. I agree! That first photo looks identical to Micah, lol. Ya, we've been giving Bama Nebulizer treatments for years, lol. I'm glad he did so good and you too! I hope this is the last as well :)

  5. That's what Alisha was saying too! And a couple of other people. How funny! Bama, yes he does :/ I feel bad. They think it's asthma, but of course can't diagnose it as that this early. I didn't know you had it either! Nebulizer's become your best friend huh?!

    Lacey, thank you! I am so glad as well, and I hope so. But It probably won't be If he has to get them replaced as some point. At least I will know what to expect now! :)

  6. This post is so darling! I feel your worry. I too was in a similar situation with my son. But I'm glad that everything went well! And you definitely have an awesome friend. I'm your newest follower! :)

  7. Welcome J!!! Thank you so much :) I'm glad to see that others have been in my situation and can understand. I do, she is amazing! Thanks for following and welcome! I am now following your beautiful blog as well.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful comment on my post. We went through a couple of surgeries with our daughter Addison- before she was one. Her first year was spent in & out of the hospital, we saw 20 sepecialists, she had three MRI's, 2 CATscans, an EEG, countless x-rays & ultrasounds, a MRA, and one too many blood tests.

    I feel your pain and I know how worrysome and difficult watching your baby go through that can be. I am glad everything went well. Routine or not it takes strength.

    I look forward to reading more...

  9. Thank you Mommysankey! And no problem! I adore your blog :) I am SO sorry she had to go through all of that! Is she okay? You are one strong mamma. It is and was very hard, so glad everything went well. He is doing much better now. :)


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