Monday, August 9, 2010

Today, just another Monday.

This is how I have felt all day today.. Sorry to complain, but I would like to vent a little. After the news of my extremely low HCG level along with a headache & having to turn down a potential job offer that I have wanted for a long time, today pretty much can be summed up into a few words:

-Mentally Exhausting

Glad It's almost over.

Tomorrow is another day though, and I'm looking forward to it! Hoping to take the kids out to the park and for a walk. Life is good, it's hard sometime to look for the positive when you've had a rough day, but it's there. It's hard not to smile and be happy when I have 2 sweet little boys around me all day!

On the better side of things, Brighton's Audiology/ENT appointment went well, there was fluid found in both ears so we are for sure having his surgery on August 18th. After having this many ear infections and 2 hospitalizations, were willing to do anything to not have to repeat last winter! Wish I could take his place though. I know he is strong and will do great.

(Thank you Ms. Emily Ann for this picture.)


  1. he will totally do great! and I'm not kidding, if you want/need me there with you, totally I will drop everything! I was a wreck the first time Em went into surgery, so I can totally sympathize with that. I really hope tomorrow is better too, let me know if there's anything I can do to help with that :)

  2. Oh thank you bunches! I am so Blessed to have a friend like you! I will be a wreck for sure. I hope tomorrow is better too :) And I will let you know! Thanks again, you're amazing.

  3. I LOVE that photo-I feel like that's me every morning, lol. I also love how you can look for the positive in trying times. It is hard-but so worth it.

  4. The picture was so perfect! And I really try too. Sometimes It's more difficult, but I'm getting better at it! :)


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