Tuesday, September 7, 2010

365 days of Levin and Brighton

Alright, I'm doing it! The 365 days of pictures challenge. I will up-date 2 pictures daily, 1 each of Levin & Brighton. I think it will be really fun to see their little changes & how much they are growing. Along with the pictures I will be doing any milestones or new things they are up to.

{Day 1}

I had taken Brighton up to his crib & came back down to find him laying the tots out on the pan to help me make lunch, such a good helper!

Brighton all ready for bath time!
Little chubster.

{364 left to come}


  1. pretty sure i'm copying this idea of 365 days of pics! I love it!

  2. Please feel free to Meg! I got the idea from another lady too :-) I'll look forward to seeing it!

  3. Adorable! Your boys are so cute. I need to do this challenge myself since I do photography on the side. I am so glad you are going to be a L&D nurse. I pray and hope nursing school flies by. If you get a chance to extern please do! It will totally open your eyes to the real world of a hospital career:)

  4. Thank you! You should do it! :) I'm no photographer, but I try haha. I really can't wait to be done. Labor & delivery is going to ROCK! I will take any chance I get to do an extern. We'll be doing a ton of clinicals too :) Thanks for the sweet comment!


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