Wednesday, September 8, 2010

365 days of Levin and Brighton

{Day 3}
Swings, giggles, smiles & sunshine...

Levin wearing his favorite hat of all time, Buzz & Oooody.

Levin having a blast pushing Brighton on the swings.. Even though he would get knocked over nearly every time Brighton would come flying back!
Bless is sweet little heart. He just wanted to make sure Brighton was having a great time.

Brighton was laughing SO hard!
He loves the swings and I heart his cute little giggles.
They're contagious!

{362 left to come}


  1. The picture of Brighton laughing looks a lot like Micah did as a baby. Too cute! Hope I can see him in person soon.

  2. That's way cool! I want to see more baby pics of him :) I hope you can too! We would love that!

  3. Uhm I know I've said it before, but can you really say it enough?? Cute, cute, CUTE boys!!!


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