Sunday, September 19, 2010

365 Days of Levin and Brighton

{Day 8}

Levin playing in Daddies Chaco's.
Yeah, I giggled too. ;) He was pretending to leave to go to work.
He cracks me up!

Trying to hide from the camera.

Brighton broke into my candy corn stash in my backpack.. Sneeky little guy.

REALLY excited to eat some blueberries!

{357 days left}


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

    I love your pictures. Your boys are so cute. I wonder if that wear-your-daddy's or mommy's shoes come with age? My daughter does that too now then says, "Mommy, let's go, come on!" lol

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Have a great week!

    ~~ Kat ~~
    My Tots Exacly!
    My Tummy Calls
    My Game of Chance
    SAHMmy to WAHMmy

  2. Oh, and I'm now following you on GFC and twitter and liked your page on FB. I can't find your email subscribe button though. Let me know if you see it up, and I'll come back to subscribe that way too.

    Take care!

  3. beautiful boys!
    Hi! Visiting you & now following you from the Blog Frog post:
    Want more followers on your blog?
    I am now your newest follower - please come exchange the favor & visit & follow back! Have a great week! :)

  4. Hey, stopping by to email subscribe from Mailbox Monday - can't find that option so I added to your GFC

  5. Kat @My tot's exactly, thank you so much for following back! And thank you for the sweet comment. :) How cute that your daughter does that too! Isn't it hillarious? Sometimes he'll say, bye bye, going to school! I love it :) Thanks again for stopping by! I will double check and make sure I have that "subscribe to emails" set up on here, I can't remember if I do. Thanks for letting me know!

  6. Oh and thank you for liking my FB page and following me on Twitter! I will do the same :)

  7. @Mamma to 3 Blessings, thank you so much for the nice comment and for stopping by and following! I of course will come follow you back :) Have a wonderful day! Thanks again!

  8. Queen B, thanks for letting me know! And thank you for following! :) I will come stop by your blog and follow you too, Have a great day!

  9. Sooo cute! You must be so proud! They are both absolutely adorable!

  10. Thank you for the sweet comment Kathleen! I am proud :) They are the sweetest. Thank you!


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