Sunday, September 12, 2010

365 Days of Levin and Brighton

{Day 6}
Okay, this one is a throw back edition in celebration of Halloween coming up!

Momma & Levin, October 31 2009

Brighton's first Halloween, 2 weeks old!
Isn't he the cutest little lion you have ever seen?

Levin's first Halloween, He was a penguin!
{7 months old}
October 2008

Hanging out at Daycare :) Not too sure what to think.. Biting his little lip.

"Where's the candy??Can I eat this instead Mamma?"

Really looking forward to the month of October. I LOVE everything about it! I'm already planning and shopping for Brighton's 1st Halloween Birthday party. Think I may be going a little overboard. But.. He only turns 1 once right?! It's going to be such a fun time for him and the other little kiddos. Can't wait for that, decorating (starting to put stuff up next weekend!) The leaves to change, the crisp cool air and taking the kiddos trick or treating!
Happy Fall!


  1. Oh I love it all!!! Any ideas on what Em can be this year?? I'm having a really hard time!! :P

  2. How cute! I love the penguin one...LOL! I love when October gets here and brings in Fall and the Holidays.

    Anne @


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