Monday, September 6, 2010

Just some thoughts. & To-do lists. What's on yours?

*It is almost 2 am.. And I am still awake... Sitting downstairs watching Pride & Prejudice rubbing my eyes in sleepiness.

*I have been working on my essay that is due Tuesday on the Holocaust. Slightly depressing to write about, but very interesting.

*This past week was a rough one and I am glad it is onto a new one! :)

*There is only 3 weeks left in this quarter which is slightly exciting, yet stressful due to the big increase of credits that awaits me. But hey, at least I will be done with English right? Yes!

*This weekend was so much fun, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. No school and no work for Micah. More Family time to be had! (Since I have started school we don't get as much as we used to, but it's worth it.)

*This weeks goals? To make it through 2 more papers done for my english class, ALL of the laundry done in the house, perhaps re-arrange the boy's Nursery, organize all of the Fall clothing for all of us, start PLANNING Brighton's FIRST Birthday!, Go on a walk everyday if possible, keep on top of the dishes and cleaning, study more for math. And more, think I will write an official "To-Do" List tomorrow.

*Make a new recipe of 2 for the kids and Micah's dinners before I leave to school a couple of nights this week.

*Be more happy and not so stressed this week!

Good night for now! Official to-do list/Goals coming up tomorrow.

What is your To-Do List and/Or GOALS for this week!?


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