Sunday, September 5, 2010

A wonderful Holiday weekend (contd. with pictures)

This has been one of the most fun weekends ever! I can't believe it's almost over already, but we packed in as much as we could and it was worth it! Yesterday, Micah's car was in another car show by his sponsor but he didn't want to stay the whole time so the kids & I went and picked him up and we decided to do lunch. We went to Cafe Shambala which has amazing Thai food (Vegan). Afterwards we went to our favorite chocolate shop which is next door and got some treats. Micah had to get back so we went and dropped him off and headed back home. The kids were still being really great so I decided to stop at Big Lots and browse for some more Halloween & Fall decor for the house. We ended up getting a really cute rug & scarecrow for the front porch along with some other cute stuff I can't wait to put up. I think it's just slightly too early for Halloween decor ;) But... I am proud to say I was the first in the neighborhood to put up any Fall stuff, yes, I'm very proud! (And a complete Holiday nerd!)

Our cute Scarecrow. Next on the list, a bale of hay!

Today was also very fun. It has been way too long! We went up on a beautiful hike, took along some lunch and had a nice picnic, threw rocks in the river and relaxed.Levin had such a fun time! Brighton stayed home and Grandma watched him. His allergies have been horrible, even with medicine so I didn't want to take him out and make it worse.

Levin & I hanging out by the river

Playing with his stick he found by the river

Getting ready too head down the trail! He had so much fun.

Playing with Daddy in the water.

Little Cottonwood canyon

This kid LOVES stopping & smelling the flowers. Literally, even in the grocery store ;) I just love it!


Pretty wild flowers.

"Ooooohing & Awwwwing" at the river.

Just hanging out after lunch.


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