Sunday, September 5, 2010

A wonderful Holiday weekend

Well, I guess it's that time again. The end of Sumner is here once again. But personally, I couldn't be more excited! This labor day weekend has been filled with fun! Friday night I went and hung out at my Parents house and brought them some dinner, then was onto a fun-filled girls night. I admired the canyons splendour on my way to meet up for cupcakes and gossip. Of course, the cupcakes were amazing.. (yes, I had 2!) Then we were off to find some Fall/Halloween decor for each of our homes. Ended up at Tai pan Trading Co. and got some really cute Halloween stuff, I can't wait to put it all up! I put all of my Fall decor up today, including a really cute scarecrow for the front porch. Next on the list is a bail of hay. Afterward, we went out for a bite to eat at Noodles and Company then it was off to home. :) Today, was a wonderful day, I'll tell you more tomorrow! off to bed for now.
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  1. Glad you had fun! Because so did I, as I'm sure Lace and Abby too :)

    We'll go to the big Tai Pan sometime soon, when we can have more time to really look, without the creepy/stalker checker breathing down our necks to hurry because of closing time!

  2. I like your motto about eating cupcakes, mine is "I Eat Cake, It Makes Me Happy!" ;)

  3. Alisha, of course I did! And it was wonderful to see you! Looking forward to going back to browse and find some more cute stuff again :)

    Suzannne, cake is equally as good ;) It gets the job done haha. Makes me happy too!


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