Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our first Fall-tastic weekend celebrations of October


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 It's finally here. How happy make that, ecstatic are we all? What an exciting, fun-filled month! 
 Today kicked off our first Fall-tastic planned weekend of October. I have some really exciting plans for all of the weekends of this month and we are so ready for some fun! We headed over to Thanksgiving Point for their "Cornbelly's corn maze and pumpkin fest." It is a huge Festival, ALL for the kids! They had activities ranging from a bouncy house, a play house, slides galore, cow trains for the kiddies to take a ride in, hay rides, bouncy "pillows" for the kids to jump on, kiddie Farmer's market and of course a pumpkin Patch. 
We made it to as many as the activities as we possibly could. Levin really loved the bouncy house and the "Cornbelly mountain!" It was full of slides, big and small. Brighton had a blast on the cow train (Until the end... See picture below!) Bless his little heart.

We had such a great day, were actually going to go back when it cools off a little, more towards the end of the month. It was in the mid 80's here today, yuck. I am so ready for October weather already!

Tomorrow's plans? Heading up to one of Utah's many beautiful canyons to go to Park City for a beautiful Fall drive and a day full of shopping for the kids fall/winter clothes ending with  lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

What have you all been up to this weekend? 
Are you "Falling for Fall" yet? My Family and I already have!
My sweet little guys! Having a good ol' Fall time on the cow train.

 Brighton's face... PRICELESS. How cute is this? He had a blast until the very end. Good job little buddy! 

 Levee & his BFF Frankie 
(My best friends daughter)
They have such a fun time together! 

 Okay, when I saw that I finally captured this, I almost cried I was so excited! I love this picture. Levin was off playing on cornbelly mountain.



  1. Very cute! Glad you had fun, here's hoping I'll be able to take Em to some fun fall places real soon!

  2. You are all too cute!! Especially love Brightons crying face in the cow! Too funny! We were supposed to go apple picking but the weather was so awful. Hopefully we can make it out today!!

  3. Looks like fun! What Mexican restaurant? Baja Catina??

  4. Alisha, I hope you will be able to take her to some places as well! You really should try and make it to Thanksgiving point! I am looking forward to Gardner Village :)

  5. Kimberly, Thank you for the nice comment! And it really was a funny picture of him huh!? Sorry about the weather :-/ bummer! Hopefully you ended up being able to go the next day! :)

  6. Oh my goodness, I love Brighton's face on the train. Priceless. Thanks for linking up to Toddler Talk Thursday.

  7. I love it i want to find some things to do with tHE lo i think we will be taking him to the petting zoo next week it is next to where the pumkin patch is!


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