Monday, November 22, 2010

Eat. Pray. Love.

 Can I just say how in love with this movie I am? Really, I absolutely adore it. It's up there with Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter. I went and saw this heartfelt movie with my girlfriends and we all fell in love as soon as it started.  As we were walking out after it was over, we were all discussing how excited we were for it to come out on DVD. It finally comes out this Tuesday! 
 This fabulous movie is based on Elizabeth Gilbert's Memoir and is a must see for any woman looking for a little inspiration in life. It reminds you how wonderful it is to be a woman, and just how amazing life is. Not only is it a sweet love story, but it is shot all around the world and shows various cultures and some breath-taking scenery from Italy, India & Indonesia . I fell in love with Italy and Bali, Indonesia even more from this movie. The food, the scenery, the history, it is all just beautiful. Along with Julia's wardrobe! I loved almost all of her outfits in this movie, she is just beautiful. 
It was a beautiful experience to live vicariously through Elizabeth on her journey of self-discovery. I can't even begin to fathom how amazing of an experience this must have been. I hope to be able to do this one day with my husband, when I'm old and my children are all grown up. Hey, at least I have one thing to look forward to related to growing old, right? I definitely plan on at least making it to Rome, Italy; Bali, Indonesia; and Egypt. 
 My friend Megan and I are having a Eat. Pray. Love movie party this coming weekend. We plan on celebrating it with some amazing food and desserts. Really looking forward to it! If you have the chance to watch the movie, or loved it as much as we did, leave a comment sharing your favorite part of the movie!

Eat. Pray. Love. & Be happy



  1. Oh I can't wait for it to come out! Sounds like a fun party - can I come along?? :P

  2. @Lilac, you have got to see it! You will love it :)

  3. Emily, you totally should! Why must you live so far away? The party will be in Orem! She lives Right off the freeway ;)

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