Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

What a blessed Thanksgiving! My Dad was home with us this year, doing a million times better than he was last year. (You can see the post about his strokes and ICU hospitalization here) That, along with giving food and a little money to a homeless Family and their dog I saw freezing in 10* weather, made this day even more heart warming than I thought it could be.
  I love Thanksgiving, not for the food, but for the feeling. The feeling of being over whelmed with all that you are thankful for. For me it is, my children, Micah, our Families and friends, a roof over our heads, a heater, running water, a car, having food in our pantry, our health... I could go on, and on. But, that would make for a really long post! It's amazing when you really think about it all that we have to be thankful for in America.

The day started off at my parents home for some visiting and snacks: 

My sweet Mom & I

My Dad, words cannot describe how thankful I am that he is still here with us

 Tried to get a cute picture of us, but he wasn't having it! 

Playing in the toy room at Uncle Josh's house while we were over visiting

My cute Sister

The cooks, my Mom & my Sister-In-Law, Joan

Some of the nieces & nephews

 For the first time ever, we had our own little Thanksgiving dinner after we finished visiting our Families homes. We cooked a Tofurky Turkey, mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy, peas and vegan pumpkin pie. 
This was our first time ever having a Tofurky Turkey and believe it or not, it was SO great! I am one of the pickiest vegetarians out there and I even loved it. It even had wild rice stuffing inside! We all were very happy with it and are planning on having it again next year, if not sooner. 

 Just about to go into the oven!

Our Thanksgiving "Turkey" dinner. 

Happy Thanksgiving of 2010, I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday filled with lots of love, Family and Friends!
Love, Marci


I love and appreciate all of your comments! Thank you for reading!

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