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A "Spunky Junky" Giveaway!

Alright, it's time for a fun, Spunky Junky giveaway!
I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to be doing this. What is "Spunky Junky" you ask? It is a beautiful collection of modern hand crafted necklaces, head bands, pins, hair clips, earrings and rings. It is unlike any other jewelry you have seen before, and with each piece being made by hand you will be happy to know you have a unique, spunky piece of this collection! 
I received 3 cute pieces to review for this fabulous company. A necklace, A blue felt posey pin and a hounds tooth hair clip/pin that came with a black head band.
Here are some pictures of them:

My favorite necklace I have ever owned! I have never gotten so many compliments from a piece of jewelry! And it goes with everything. (Currently she is in the process of making more of these and will have some for sale soon in the etsy shop!)

Blue felt posey pin. I pinned this on a white shirt, very cute! Adds just the right amount of color. Great accessory.

Love, love this! Hounds tooth is one of my favorite prints and is very hot this season! This is a hair clip and a pin. It comes with the black elastic head band you see here.
 Want some of your own?  Here's how!
Buy it:
Head over here to Etsy to buy your very own piece of the Spunky Junky collection! There is a great selection of beautiful, fun pieces that will go great with any wardrobe! With the Holidays coming up, any woman in your life would love a unique item from Spunky Junky. They would make a really great stocking stuffer!

Win it:
TWO lucky readers will have the opportunity to win their own piece(s) from Spunky Junky!
*Winner one will win their choice of a necklace
*Winner two will win their choice of a Posey pin & one hair clip/pin that comes with an elastic head band!

Here is the selection of items for the winners to choose from

The gorgeous, unique necklaces:

 Navy blue, white and black

Chocolate brown and mustard yellow blooms

Cream flowers with brown gems in the center and a brown ribbon

And here are the Fall inspired pins/hair clips (that come with a head band!) :

Isn't this perfect! It will go with so much! Especially cute on a pea coat or a white shirt.

These posy pins are a HOT accessory. This accessory is great for shirts, jackets, purses and even as a pretty piece in your hair.

How to enter:
1) Go over and visit Spunky Junkys Etsy shop, come back and tell me what your favorite item is that she has in her shop (1 entry)  Then,tell me out of the above choices, what you would choose if you were to win, either 1 necklace or 2 hair clips/pins. (1 entry)

2) Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know you are a new follower. (1 entry)
If you are currently a follower, leave your favorite part of the up-coming Holiday season! (1 entry)

3) Follow The Spunky Junky blog, then come and leave me one comment letting me know that you are now a follower of her blog. (1 entry) 

4) Follow Spunky Junkys Facebook fan page and leave 1 comment letting me know that you are now a fan (1 entry)

5) Follow my blogs Facebook fan page , leave 1 comment letting me know that you are now a fan (1 entry)

6) Follow me on Twitter and leave 1 comment letting me know you are now following (1 entry)
**Tweet about this fabulous giveaway:
"I just entered a fabulous Spunky Junky giveaway for the chance to win a beautiful piece of the collection! Come check it out and enter for your chance to win!"
Leave 1 comment letting me know you have tweeted it (Up to once a day please!) 
(2 entries!!) And please leave the link so I can check it. :)

This means you can have up to 10 entries! More if you tweet about the giveaway once a day.
Of course you don't have to do all of the these steps, but doing so will improve your chances of winning a unique Spunky Junky necklace, posy pin or hair clip!

**Please leave your email address at the bottom of your comments (Unless it is in your profile) So I can be sure to get a hold of you if you win.The winners chosen will have 48 hours to respond before I choose another. Winners will be chosen @ random via on
Sunday November 14!

 I am really excited to have been able to review this product and to be able to share this wonderful giveaway with you all! I want to personally thank Halsey from Spunky Junky for supplying the beautiful items for me to review. I loved every piece!
Best of luck, and THANK YOU for participating in this wonderful giveaway!


  1. The green posey haeadband is my favorite!!

  2. I am your follower of course:) If I won I would choose the hair clip and the pin:)

  3. I am now following you on FB:) And I am already following Spunky Junkey's blog:)

    Thanks for the chance to win Marci! Lovely giveaway!

  4. 1.) My favorite thing in the etsy shop is the Ivory ruffly pompom ring, although it was a very hard decision. If I win I think I would chose the cream flowers with brown gems necklace-another hard choice.

    2.) I am a current follower of your blog, and my favorite part of the upcoming holiday season is doing fun crafty projects with my girls - well Frankie for now. :)

    3.)Following Spunky Junky Blog.
    4.)Following Spunky Junky Fan Page.
    5.)Following your facebook Fan Page.
    6.)Follower on Twitter. And I tweeted it.!/MeganJ85

    I hope I win!!

  5. I like the chrysanthemum earrings and the ring..

  6. I am following you on Google friends and Facebook network.

  7. I really love everything, but the best I could do was narrow it down to 3 (but I promise I'll only pick one if I win) I really like the Sky Blue Necklace, the Fuschia Fabric Rosette Bib and the Mustard and Brown Necklace!

    Already a follower of your blog and a fan of The Balancing Act in Stiletto's FB page :)

    Now following Spunky Junky's blog and their fan on FB.

    Tweeted about the giveaway even though I hate using twitter ;)

    Sure hope I win, love it all!!

  8. Tweeted the giveaway

  9. My favorite piece in the shop is the brown and mustard necklace!

    Meggeydoodle at gmail dot com

  10. I would have to choose the mustard and brown necklace. I love it!

    meggeydoodle at gmail dot com

  11. I just tweeted this giveaway for you:)

  12. Hi I am Desie your new Follower

  13. I am using my husband's google accountant sorry for the name..... I love the rose earrings and the black and white head band on Spunky Junky


  14. I really love the cream flower necklace with brown ribbon and the purple posey flowers..


  15. I love the Amy Butler blue fabric rosette necklace, beautiful!

  16. My favorite item that you have shown is the cream flowers with brown gems in the center and a brown ribbon.

  17. I am a new follower!
    Found you on Spunky Junky, can'e wait to check out your blog some more.

  18. I'm already a follower of Spunky Junky.

  19. I a FB fan of Spunky Junk.

  20. I am now a FB fan of yours.

  21. I am now a Twitter follower of yours..
    Now after all this "following" I feel kinda stalker-ish, LOL!

  22. I just tweeted about this giveaway, I hope I did it right, I'm not a huge Twitter user.. Please let me know if not..!/myblueyez2703/status/1515110644326401

  23. I didn't see one on her page but I would love a christmas colored necklace (I wrote that on her facebook too !)

  24. Wow - the white necklace is beautiful! New follower:)

  25. Hello! I loved the "Classic black, white, and blue fabric rosette necklace" It would be perfect with what I am wareing on Thanksgiving. I would love to win 1 necklace, (since I am lacking in the necklace department) the Navey Blue Black and White.

  26. I am Already a Follower! My favorite part of the upcomming season is: The warm colors, the traditions that bring back such beautiful memories. And the look of people bundled up in scarves and warm coats! Ok so that was three things, but they are all equaly favorite. ;-)

  27. I am following you on Twitter! You know that I really want this, cause...I had to make a new twitter account just to follow you! ;-)

  28. ok, I Tweeted about your give away, but i dont know how to give you the link...I guess you can find me in your followers, and have a check.

  29. I just tweeted again about this giveaway..!/myblueyez2703/status/1835702497050624

  30. I am a fan on the fb page for Balancing act in Stiletto's and scrubs

  31. I am a follower of the Spunky Junky Blog

  32. I still think my favorite thing is the sky blue necklace!

  33. Just tweeted about the giveaway again!

  34. 1.) My favorite thing in the etsy shop is the Ivory ruffly pompom ring, although it was a very hard decision. If I win I think I would chose the cream flowers with brown gems necklace-another hard choice.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I am a current follower of your blog, and my favorite part of the upcoming holiday season is doing fun crafty projects with my girls - well Frankie for now. :)

  37. Follower on Twitter. And I tweeted it.!/MeganJ85

  38. Tweeted it again!!/MeganJ85

  39. tweeted it today :)!/MeganJ85/status/2777099219767296

  40. I tweeted again!!/myblueyez2703/status/2796616402608128

  41. hello! I just tweeted the give away again! I really hope I win!

  42. Totally just tweeted it again!!/MeganJ85/status/3090215010828288

    MeganJo3 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  43. Hello again!! I am so excited for this give away! I just tweeted again!

  44. i like her classic black, white and blue rosette headband.

  45. i would choose the cream necklace from her choices.

  46. follow the spunky junky blog

  47. I tweeted again!!/myblueyez2703/status/3595119047483392

    tiffisbill21 at yahoo dot com

  48. That's right, I tweeted it again!

  49. 1 I am now following
    2 Any of the rose necklaces from her etsy shop are to die fo
    3 following spunky junky blog
    4 a fan on fb for spunky junky
    5 a fan for you on fb


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