Monday, December 6, 2010

2 Christmas trees story of survival from a childs view.

Mommy's Christmas tree attempt number one...

How long did this tree stand you ask? Well, until we woke up. We sure had fun tearing it down that morning. All Mommy could do was laugh as she came back in the room with our sippy cups and saw the big mess of a broken stand and bulbs.

Mommy's Christmas tree attempt number two:

Isn't it pretty? We still team up and try and pull off as many bulbs as we can when nobody is looking.. But for some reason we can't pull it off the table?
Our favorite part of the tree? The angel! I, {Levee} Made it for our Family in 2008 at school.

Oh, and we have already broken one of Mommy's favorite cupcake ornaments. 

Happy Holidays! 
Love, Levee & Brighton

The new tree is only 3 feet tall, but we all love it. So far, so good. 
Some tips if you have little ones as well that love to terrorize anything possible:
-Shatter proof bulbs are a must {Safety}
-Put on as few ornaments as possible
-TAPE your stand to the surface... Totally works and I am pretty sure it is the only thing that has saved this little tree!

Hope you are all enjoying the Holiday's so far! 

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  1. This is so funny!!! I was sure my son would try to take down my tree but he hasn't yet!


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