Sunday, December 5, 2010

A surprise date & movie party

Weekend part I: Friday night surprise date! 
I have to admit, this weekend was pretty amazing. I loved it actually. Friday evening when Micah got home from work, he asked if we had any plans for the night. Ummm, do we ever? No. We have babies, so 90% of the time we just hang out at home, which is fine by me. And then... The unexpected happened. He asked me out on a date! We literally haven't been on a date in, well, at least 6 months, maybe longer, so it was much needed and I think well deserved. We got Brighton to sleep at 7:30, Levee's dinner made for Grandma to watch him and then we were off. 
 The night started at my favorite Indian restaurant: India Fusion. I. Love. Indian food! Dinner turned out perfect, I got some really good curry and garlic naan. We had plenty of time so we just hung out and talked about everything. It was so nice and relaxing to have an adult conversation without kiddos screaming and talking over you. 

After dinner, I we headed to get a coffee then to see.... Drum roll please.... Harry Potter and the deathly hallows!! FINALLY. I would go more into the details of this, but it is a really long, crazy story. Let's just say I'm glad we made it to the movie alive and in one piece! I absolutely loved the movie, every minute of it! I have to admit, I missed the magic of Hogwarts but it was still pretty cool, along with the gorgeous scenery. I can't wait for part II!

 I was so surprised that he had planned all of this for me, I have to admit it made me feel pretty loved and reminded me he still has got it in him to surprise me like this. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time either. Now it's my turn to plan something for him. As soon as finals are over here in a couple of weeks I'll get on planning it. 

Weekend part II: Saturday night Eclipse movie release party! 
A couple friends and I planned a fun little get together to celebrate the release of the third installment of Twilight, Eclipse. It was held at my friend Lacey's home and wow, did she have it decorated to the nine's! Everywhere you turned it was all decorated with the theme of the movie. All of us each brought a movie-related treat, I brought some chocolate Edward and Jacob themed vegan cupcakes. They turned out great! It was great to see a bunch of my friends I don't get to see all that often anymore, we played Twilight's Scene it, had some great food, good conversation and watched the movie. Of course, we all loved it. I'm a pretty big fan, not as much as Harry Potter but I still really love the series. I am looking forward to Breaking Dawn, very interested to see how it is in film. 

Here are a few pictures of the dinner party:

DVD cover

 Table full of treats! Those cute cupcakes there? Those would be mine! 

 Games and more decor on the table.

 How funny is that dog bowl for Jacob? Great idea! 

 Bloody vampire punch.

 Little mini-Jacob's. Made out of mini Reese's peanut butter cups, great idea Megan!

 Sorry.. I couldn't get over the dog dish for Jacob. Epic!

 Vegan Jacob & Edward themed cupcakes. Yes, I promise those really are "J's."

 Little Frankie & Maleah

How amazing are these cupcakes? My friend Danielle makes them professionally! So cute. 

Overall, it was a fabulous weekend that was much needed, I hope you all had a great weekend too! This coming weekend, we are taking the kids to a Vegan bakery here in town to see Santa and to decorate cookies then we are having Family pictures done on Sunday! Looking forward to it. 
Have a beautiful week! 

Love, Marci


  1. So cute! You're so quick to blog. I don't anticipate my blog on this party going up for a few weeks, lol. I'm glad you had such a great weekedd. I had a ton of fun as well! Micah is so cute with his planning as well. Thanks for your help with everything, we'll have to plan a major bash for breaking dawn.

  2. I am usually not this fast! Kind of a miracle I got it up after 7 hours of homework! Thank you, It was such a fun weekend! And it was so great to see all of you girls. It has been way too long! You are welcome, I can't wait for Breaking Dawn either!

  3. that was a fantastic party... i am obsessed with the twilight sagas and eclipse being my favorite! when it was released i spent all day in bed watching it over and over and over and over again!


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