Monday, January 17, 2011

A Blogtastic extravaganza giveaways are finally here: Worth $280.00!

This Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered! I will post winners tomorrow on my blog! 

Well ladies & gentleman, the time has finally come! I am so excited to be apart of this wonderful giveaway extravaganza.
 There are over 100 bloggers taking part in this, with over $13,000 in prizes being given away! 

 Are you ready for some fun, sweet Valentines day themed-prizes? I have THREE lovely packages that I am offering for this huge event. 
First off, I want to send a big shout out to ALL of my amazing sponsors:
I couldn't have done this without them! Thank you so very much to my sponsors and to all who participate in my giveaways!

All right, time for some fun! 
Good luck everyone!

Prize package ONE

A girls best friend {s}
This lovely package will include:
1) One gorgeous "vanilla bean" {In color} shelf from Skitt-A-Skatt Furniture! It is embellished with diamond pegs to hold your necklaces, scarves, purses, pretty much anything you want! 
Worth $45.00
 2) One unique, hand crafted glass necklace of winners choice from All That we Are. These necklaces really are beautiful!

Worth $15.00-22.00

3) One box of chocolates from Raising The Candy Bar and a chocolate heart lollie just in time for Valentines Day! As you know, we are a vegan/vegetarian Family so I am pleased to be sharing some Vegan chocolates with you!

Worth $5.00
Worth $2.50

This package is worth: $75.00

Prize package TWO

Whatever your Heart desires
This fabulous package will include:
1) One 16"x20" Framed chalkboard from Skitt-A-Skatt Furniture! This chalkboard is stunning, you will love it. The frame around it is thick and the finish is so beautiful. It has a "Antique" type of finish to it. 
Worth $45.00
2) One box of chocolates from Raising The Candy Bar, and a chocolate heart lollie just in time for Valentines Day! As you know, we are a vegan/vegetarian Family so I am pleased to be sharing some Vegan chocolates
with you!
Worth $5.00
Worth $2.50
3) $35.00 to go towards anything in You-Lee-Anna Boutique's Etsy shop! Her beret hats and headbands for babies, little girls & women are so stinkin' cute!

Worth $35.00

This package is worth: $90.00

Prize package 3

Be mine
This fun package will include:
1) One Personalized "Love Tag" necklace with Birthstone from The Pretty Peacock. Yes my friends, The Pretty Peacock!  (Worth $72.00) This necklace is simply stunning and having it personalized to say anything you want makes it all the more special and unique. 
Worth $72.00

2) One Spunky headband from Spunky Junky. Her necklaces, headbands, rings and hair clips are so modern and fun! The colors are gorgeous and the hand work is perfection. 
Worth $10.00
**Along with one other small surprise from Spunky Junky, winner will receive in the mail with headband.. You'll love it!

3) One handcrafted flower clip of your choice from Nimbler Grove along with a $15.00 Giftcard to Nimbler Groves Zibbet shop! I absolutely love every single color of clip offered in her shop! They are all so vibrant, you'll probably be there a while just looking at all them trying to decide which one you would want to buy or choose if you won! 

Worth $22.00 including gift card.

This package is worth: $105.00

Mandatory Entry:
1) Follow Balancing Stilettos and Scrubs via Google friend connect. I am allowing up to 3 entries just for doing this and for supporting my blog! This means you can fill out the form below a total 3 times.

Optional (For extra entries):
1 extra entry for each done! 

1) Place my button on your blog- Please leave your link so I can see you showin' some love

2) Follow me via network blogs 

3) "Like" My Facebook page- Say hello and be sure to leave your link so I can "like" you back!

4) Leave a  comment on ANY of my other posts- Which is your Favorite?
(**2 entries for each done)

5) Follow me on Twitter

If you still want to buy anything from any of my SPONSORS shops, you can still get ALL of those extra entries:

Spunky Junky
Buy anything and get 7 extra entries 
The Pretty Peacock
Buy anything- Get 10% OFF along with free shipping. 10 extra entries!

All that we Are
Buy anything-Get 5% OFF and FREE shipping, get 7 extra entries.
Use PROMO code: BLOG5

Raising the Candy Bar 
Buy anything- Get 10% OFF and 7 extra entries.
Buy anything and get 7 extra entries.

To get these extra entries you have to fill the form out the amount of times of how many extra entries there are.
(For 7 extra entries-You fill form out 7 times.)

Have fun everyone!!
(Ends January 22nd- 11:59 pm)
If you STILL would like more extra entries- Please see all Sponsor spotlights in my left side bar at the top. Show them some love!



  1. Hey, dear! For some reason when we were scrolling through the form, it had the bottom bar thingy at the bottom of your site, going across it a lot. So, we just wanted to say we would like any of the packages, we think we missed that button one time! sorry! info[at]kocoandvikingdotcom

    fellow ABEr

  2. I commented on your recent weight loss post - so proud of you for all you are doing! :)
    But my favorite posts are the ones with your family in them!

  3. I Love the Vegan Cupcake post as I did not even know they existed but I also Love the Tickers at the bottom with the ages of your children on them. I am just glad I found your Blog and I know I will enjoy following it and learning more about you.

  4. I was filling out your form I clicked that I liked your facebook page but did not mean to select that that is an invalid entry..sorry...don't know what to do about that.(Carrie Smart)


  5. Hi when filling out the form I kept getting the tweet/ like status bar across the form sorry if any entries are incorrect. These are what I should have
    I follow gfc +3
    networked blogs

    noble4@ymail dot com

  6. what generous, wonderful giveaways! Thanks for your sweet message, your blog is great! :)

  7. Glenda, you are so kind! Thank you for all of those sweet comments :) Have a great day! And thank you for following!

  8. CMS& Noble4- Got it taken care of, no worries :) Thank you for letting me know.

  9. Chelsea, thank you bunches! And I love you blog too :) Thank you for stopping by!

  10. Been trying since yesterday to enter but the "Submit" button won't go through for me. :(

    My Entries:

    GFC #1
    Twitter Follower

    Any of them would be great to win (#2 & #3 are my favs!!)


I love and appreciate all of your comments! Thank you for reading!

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