Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Blogtastic Extravaganza Package Details and many EXTRA entries.

Okay, I really hope I wasn't the only one that had such a difficult time thinking up a theme and naming her prize packages... After many days of trying to think of the perfect titles, I finally have got everything organized and put together!
I am really excited for these THREE prize packages, I am pretty sure you are going to love, love them! 

I have decided to go with a Valentines Day theme for my packages. The items I have lined up fit perfectly with this! 

Prize package ONE

A girls best friend {s}

This lovely package will include:

One gorgeous "vanilla bean" {In color} shelf from Skitt-A-Skatt Furniture! It is embellished with diamond pegs to hold your necklaces, scarves, purses, pretty much anything you want!

One unique, hand crafted glass necklace of winners choice from All That we Are. These necklaces really are beautiful, just wait until you see them. 

One box of chocolates from Raising The Candy Bar, just in time for Valentines Day! As you know, we are a vegan/vegetarian Family so I am pleased to be sharing some Vegan chocolates with you!

Prize package TWO

Whatever your Heart desires

This fabulous package will include:

One 16"x20" Framed chalkboard from Skitt-A-Skatt Furniture! This chalkboard is stunning, you will love it. The frame around it is thick and the finish is so beautiful. It has a "Antique" type of finish to it. 

One box of chocolates from Raising The Candy Bar, just in time for Valentines Day! As you know, we are a vegan/vegetarian Family so I am pleased to be sharing some Vegan chocolates with you!

$35.00 to go towards anything in You-Lee-Anna Boutique's Etsy shop! Her beret hats and headbands for babies, little girls & women are so stinkin' cute! You'll love this shop. 

Prize package THREE

Be mine

 This fun package will include:

One Personalized "Love Tag" necklace with Birthstone from The Pretty Peacock. Yes my friends, The Pretty Peacock! This necklace is simply stunning and having it personalized to say anything you want makes it all the more special and unique.

One Spunky headband from Spunky Junky. Her necklaces, headbands, rings and hair clips are so modern and fun! The colors are gorgeous and the hand work is perfection. 

One handcrafted flower clip of your choice from Nimbler Grove along with a $15.00 Giftcard to Nimbler Groves Zibbet shop! I absolutely love every single color of clip offered in her shop! They are all so vibrant, you'll probably be there a while just looking at all them trying to decide which one you would want to buy or choose if you won! 

Now, I wanted to offer all of you some chances for extra entries! So, depending on what package you want or even if you love all three and want to check out all of my sponsors, head over to the links I have listed above- Let me know what item you would love to win if you won from each sponsor. Who is your favorite? What item is your favorite?
Fill out this google form for each entry you would like counted. (Ex: If you love all of the sponsors in one particular package, go to each of the links and fill out the form for each time.) This is your chance to get a lot of extra entries! These prize packs really are great, I hope you all are as excited as I am!



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  3. Thank you for hosting and thanks so much for stopping by, I am your newest follower!

  4. I hope I filled that thing out right!

    Also, did your prize arrive? Tracy said she sent it right before Christmas.

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