Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend catch up!

This weekend has been filled with some good times! I had made plans with one of my best friends Megan to go do some shopping, have some lunch and coffee together, and today was finally the day! Lotsa girl talk and good times were to be had. We met up at noon and headed straight up to lunch to get our day started. We ate at one of my Families places to eat, Cafe Shambala. It's a local, amazing Tibetan restaurant here in Utah. Did I mention most of their items are Vegan? Woot! Megan had never been there before and thankfully, she loved it. After lunch, we headed next door to Hatch's Family chocolates, you may have heard of them on TV. Their chocolate and candy shop is also delish! We got our Valentines some treats, along with ourselves. I mean, how could we not right? So after being stuffed, we headed to go do some much needed shopping! It was so nice to just take our time and have fun and have some good chit chat. I Finally got some shoes I have been wanting at Express: 

They're so bright and sparkly! Love em. 

I also got my Valentine and my babies their Valentines presents and cards from Hallmark. After shopping we just headed back to my place and that was it for our fun filled day! May not sound all too exciting, but when you have little ones.. And don't get out much, it's very exciting! I had a blast, hoping to do it more often. For tomorrow, my Valentine is taking me out for an early Valentines day date! {I have class Monday night} So we are going out to lunch, still deciding on where though, then heading to go see Sanctum in iMax 3D. We got perfect seats, I am beyond excited! I have been wanting to see this movie since I saw the first previews for it. Afterward, I have to take my last midterm for my online class, then onto another week. This week is a little exciting though, we out an offer in on a house yesterday and will hopefully hear more about what's going on this week. Key word, hopefully. This is such a slow process! {Trying to be patient!} I had a job interview for the Hospital on Thursday for a CNA position and am hoping to hear back on that later this week, or early next week as well. Life has been exciting as of late! So much to look forward too. 

Want to hear some more good news? I was invited to be a co-host for Bee Friendly Friday with Family and Life in Las Vegas and Crazy about my Baybah! I haven't had the opportunity to co-host an event like this, so I am pretty excited. It is coming up this Friday.
And last but not least, I have three more giveaways lined up for you guys! Here are the lovely sponsors:

 I hope you have all had a great weekend so far!
Much love,


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  1. I also did my Valentines shopping this weekend! Those shoes look so cute. I was thinking about getting some that looked like those but they were Tom's. I had no idea Express has shoes too! I must have overlooked them every time I've gone. Have fun watching Sanctum! Good luck on your midterm!


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