Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Hooray for Wednesday! 


Here's what I'm currently lovin' on: 

1} My 2 little dudes, I mean, aren't they cuties? PS: B-Ri here is eating a vegan chocolate covered Oreo cookie. His first ever and he loved it! Can you tell?

Lou rockin the "stunna shades" Stud! 

2} House hunting. Oh wait, this is supposed to be what I love huh? Well this should make you laugh anyway! This is just about how we are feeling by now.

3} These FAB legwarmers I just purchased from Mademoiselle Mermaid:
Love em'. 
 {PS: A giveaway from her shop is coming up soon!}

4} Currently loving that Valentines day is coming up. I can't wait to go get the boys their fun presents this weekend!
5} Diet Cherry Coke.. I drink way too much of it as of late. 
Must....Stop! But, let's be honest, I probably won't.
6} Starbucks Natural Fusions vanilla coffee.
Best. Coffee. Ever! 

7} These gorgeous heels I just ordered: 
They bring a big smile to my face.

8} Lovin' that Spring is just around the corner! Getting Spring fever pretty bad already. 


If you haven't seen it already, I have a pretty awesome giveaway going on from Topsy Turvy! You can enter here.  Have a great Thursday everyone! 
Much love,



  1. Stopping by to say hello. Love those shades they are the cutest.. :)

  2. Glad Levie likes his sunglasses from the party! Still sorry that they couldn't make it :( Love the shoes, and the leg warmers will look really cute with them too!

  3. Hi Marci! I'm a new follower from the blogfrog. Lovin' those yellow shoes... Nice to meet you!

  4. I'm loving all the yellow in this post! Your boys are so cute. The moving cartoon is hilarious.

  5. Oh my goodness!! I think I'm in love! I love love love those shoes! Where did you get them?! I might just buy me a pair :)

  6. Staycee, thanks for stopping by!! :) Thank you! He got them from a little friends Birthday party and wears them daily! So cute.

  7. Ali, I am sorry they couldn't make it too! But they sure did love, love the gift bags and cupcakes! Thank you so much again for making those vegan cupcakes! :) They were SO good! I just finally got the leg warmers in the mail, they are perfect. Thanks for stopping by love!!

  8. Becky, glad to have you here! And thank you :) I will definitely come follow you back!

  9. Leanne, can ya tell I have a little thing for yellow? ;) Love it! And thank you very much! They're my little sweeties. Thank you for stopping by!

  10. The Great Elephant Symposium, I got them at Charlotte Russe for $40.00 :) And if you sign up by email, you can get 10% off! They have a couple of different colors too. You should go get yourself a pair!!

  11. Those are adorable leg warmers! And adorable kiddos!!

  12. I think you must be my long lost sister. Yellow ruffle shoes, Starbucks, Valentines Day, leg warmers . . . yes, you must be.

  13. Okay - I adore dafodils, I wish I could wear heals like that - trust me - it wouldn't work, and dietcoke and cupcakes?? I <3 you.

  14. New follower from the hop. I would love if you would visit my site- I have children allergic to milk and eggs and post vegan friendly recipes.

  15. Thanks for hosting the Friday hop! Now following, would love a follow back if you want. :)


  16. Your boys are adorable

    Happy tumble Tuesday

  17. The yellow shoes and daffodils are so bright and cherry! I got a chuckle out of your boys faces...they are adorable!
    New follower!
    Stumbled your post!
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  18. Wow. Leg warmers. They sure bring back memories. Of course, my legs never looked as good as yours in them...LOL.

    Stumbling!! My post is:

    Kristin :)

  19. Well I was just stopping by to stumble your post, but now I'm gonna look around cause you won me over!

    Would love if you stumbled my post too:

  20. I'm a Stumble Tumble Tuesday-Wednesday friend ;)

  21. Late arrival from Stumble Tuesday...
    You can find my post here:

  22. Hi! I stumbled your post
    Here's mine

    I also added myself to your GFC, happy blogging!

    P.S. Your blog makes me envious!! :):) One day..


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