Saturday, March 12, 2011

Delish Vegan Fajitas

I have been such a slacker on my recipe posts you guys! But, this recipe I am about to give you should make up for it. Yeah, It's Pre-tttttty amazing. I happen to love, love, love Mexican food. I love going out, but there aren't that many Mexican restaurants who's beans aren't made with lard and rice isn't made with chicken or beef broth. So... I decided to try and come up with something here at home for my little Vegan Family! I especially love fajitas and I'm a sucker for all vegetables. This recipe calls for many bright, gorgeous veggies that aren't just tasty, but they sure are pretty too. 

Here's what you will need for some Fab Delish Vegan Veggie Tofu Fajitas
Extra firm tofu
Rice-A-Roni Long grain wild rice- Two boxes
Tofutti Sour cream
One small can of diced tomatoes- I really love the kind that already have cilantro and lime flavoring!
One can of sliced jalepenos
One or two avocadoes
One package of sliced mushrooms
One lime
One bunch of cilantro
One yellow onion
One of each: Orange, red and yellow bell peppers
Corn tortillas OR some tostada shells (which ever you prefer)
Pace Salsa- Medium or Mild
Green mild sauce (Optional)

Cut open Extra firm tofu, if you have a tofu press go ahead and use that. If not, pile together some paper towels or napkins around both the top and the bottom of the block and set something heavy atop to get as much water drained out as possible
Get your water ready for the Rice-A-Roni to cook, put on the stove
Dice up your onion however you like it, I usually do ours in pretty small pieces
Slice up your peppers into thin strips, make sure to remove all seeds
Now, you can dice up your tofu into small cubes. Appx 1/4" 
Pour some olive oil (cooking spray will work okay too) Appx- 1 Tbsp into a pan and turn heat to medium
Toss in the onions, sliced peppers and mushrooms. 
(You want to let them cook for about 10 minutes or so before you add the tofu.)
Check the water for the Rice, if it's boiling go ahead and add it. Turn the heat down a little so to not over cook it.
Now, go ahead and add your tofu to the veggies. It is prone to crumbling
(even the extra firm type unfortunately) so stir it nicely to keep it in cubes. 
You want to get all sides nice and a little crispy so keep flipping it frequently
Add a dash of salt and pepper along with 2-3 Tbsp of Brags Amino acids 
(Optional, it just adds some extra flavor. When I have extra time, i marinate my tofu in this for 2 hours)
Cook the tofu for about, ahhhhhh, 8-10 minutes, just see how it's coming along. Make sure your heat is still on medium you don't want it too hot.  

After the veggies and Tofu are all done cooking, start preparing your toppings:

*I always like to put my salsas in little bowls, along with the Tofutti sour cream, cilantro and jalepenos. It just looks cute, but you don't have to if you don't want (tee hee)
Cut up your lime into slices, along with the avocadoe
I love to have the tortillas nice and warm, so you can either wrap them in dish towels and microwave them for about 40 seconds of if you have more time, place them in a pan over high heat for about a minute on each side. Wrap them in a dish towel after they come out of the pan to keep them warm. 

As soon as you have everything ready at the dinner table, get a hot pad out and take your pan of veggies over along with your rice and get ready for a delish, healthy dinner! 
If you make it, let me know how it turns out, enjoy!
Vegan Love,



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