Monday, March 28, 2011

Prefenz Review

"One spray lasts all day!" 
It is almost April.. And it is still snowing here in good ol' Utah. Yes, really! I am so ready for Winter to be over with. This winter hasn't actually been too bad for my kids being sick for once! Last winter, both little guys had RSV at least twice along with hospitalizations. My Family is obsessed with being germ free and using hand sanitizer. 
I have searched, and searched for the "best" hand sanitizer that is safe for my little ones hands, that is good for our hands and smells good. Ah, hah! Found it! I was contacted by Prefenz to see if I was interested in doing a review on their products. Of course, I always like to try out new products. I received a little bottle and it lasted us a month! Prefenz is a Silica based hand sanitizer that smoothes, softens and protects hands for 24 hours, or 10 hand washings. Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves hands SO smooth! All you need is one pump too which is nice! It saves a little bit of money, which these days any little bit helps.

A few advantages of using Prefenz instead of alcohol based hand sanitizers:

*It is 100% alcohol free!
*Sanitizes your skin on contact and leaves hands soft and smooth
*Proactively and persistently offers protection from germs for up to ten hand washes without reapplication!
*Contains a moisturizing silica complex with soothing organic botanicals that help prevent dryness and redness.
*It is safe for the little ones!

Some benefits of using Prefenz:

*Kills all strains of staphyloccus aureus which includes drug resistant MRSA strains.
*Provides long lasting protection against germs.
*Stops skin, to skin transfer of germs
*Easy, rapid foam application.
*It is colorless and invisible upon application.
*SMELLS wonderful!
If you are interested in learning more about Prefenz, feel free to check out their FAQ section on their website!
My review: 
I really did love this product and would definitely recommend it. It was very light, left my hands soft and feeling really clean. The organic essential oils in the foam smell wonderful! That was honestly my favorite part of the sanitizer, along with how long it lasted. It goes on very nicely and leaves your hands feeling natural, bot sticky or smelly like some others tend to do. Overall, I loved it! 

Happy I could share this wonderful brand with you! 
If you are interested in buying Prefenz, head to their site and they will find you the closest location to you, or you can buy online or at your local REI.

*All images courtesy of Prefenz.



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