Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Proudly introducing.... Scrub/Ink

Proudly introducing one of my new, lovely sponsors: Scrub/ink. They make unique, wonderfully priced scrubs that have even been worn by Dr. Oz!  

I want to share their story with you:

"After watching a sea of nurses walking past their office window, Rodger and Dalia (a father-daughter duo) couldn’t help but notice how they all looked very similar. Rodger, having 30 years of experience in the garment industry, and Dalia an award winning graphic designer knew there had to be a way to combine fashion and personality to the classic uniform, without compromising professional appearance.
Since 1950, Rodger and Dalia’s family has been manufacturing in the garment center. They have shipped to large corporations, small businesses, and individuals with pride and care. From the onset of their careers, they have prided themselves in manufacturing every one of their quality garments solely in New York City…not many people can say that!
Through their combined experience of design and fashion, Scrub Ink was born. Today, medical professionals and patients alike are enjoying the unique individuality offered by Scrub Ink…and we hope you will too."

Rodger and Dalia

They are located in NYC and working with the owners has been such a pleasure! I am going to be ordering my first pair from them this weekend, yay! They have such a wonderful, unique collection of modern, stylish scrubs along with many colors to choose from.

One of the many things that makes their scrub company unique is their "Signature top" collection:
"Our creative graphic scrub concept is designed to help you show off your personality while maintaining a professional appearance." 

You also have the option to UPLOAD your own photo to have personalized on your scrub pocket! 
"Share a little piece of your world with your patients!"

When you have a minute, head over to their site and take a look around at their wonderful collection of scrubs. If you're in the market, you will definitely love their prices as well.

Welcome Scrub/Ink to The Balancing Act in Stilettos and Scrubs! 
{You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter


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  1. Oh! Really cute scrubs, Ill have to show my mom this since shes a nurse!


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