Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A very disappointing day.


This pretty much sums up my day... 

Now, I really try and do my best to look on the bright side, see my cup half full, etc... but today, I just can't find the energy to do this. Those that have been following my blog for a while may know my frustrations with my school that I am attending to get my Nursing degree. Well, last week things became even more stressful and I feel even more mislead than before. 

When I was looking for Nursing schools to attend, I specifically chose this particular program because they were (at the time) the only school in my state that offered evening classes for parents, people who have day jobs, etc. I had the perfect schedule and really didn't mind my night classes, heck for a my first quarter I was there 5 nights a week! But, it worked out well and I didn't have to leave my kids with a baby sitter and got to be with them all day, it was perfect. Well, I called last week to get my schedule for our upcoming quarter.. The registrar started listing off day classes. I was baffled and reminded her that I was in the evening program and am supposed to be enrolled in the evening class schedule. She then notified me that they have decided to do away with the evening program and beginning in April, I will have to attend day classes. WHAT! Well uhhhh, hey... Thanks for the notice. Seriously. What are we supposed to do now? Besides the obvious, which is to deal with it if I ever want to get my degree. This is just so stressful because we have no baby sitter or extra funds to put them back in day care. On top of all of this, no one from the school will return my messages regarding this. This is the second quarter I have had problems with them and it just seems to be getting worse as the quarters go by. I feel like a $ sign to them.. I feel like they don't care much about me as a student.
Is this a normal feeling for students to have in college? Really? Because this just doesn't feel right to me. It is heart breaking..

I am miserable with the cohort I was put with. I miss my friends. I hate that every class, the women have to make fun of me for being a vegetarian and rub it in my face how "great" meat tastes and how fun it is to kill animals and eat them. Yes people, this happens on a weekly basis.. It is awful. What happened to respect? Guess these women missed that memo and enjoy making fun of me for my love of animals and judging me for how I am raising my children vegan. I hate this. I wish I had another option to get my degree, but I went through hell to get into this program and I am not about to just give up, no matter how badly I want to. This all just doesn't seem fair at all. I just want to be a Nurse, a great, happy, positive, up-lifting, sweet Nurse. I want to take care of others, bring babies into the world and set a good example for my boys. Why must this be so difficult? Some days I wonder If I will ever get there. Today was very disappointing and full of frustration. On top of the school stress, I found out I didn't get the job I have been hoping for. It was the perfect job working as a CNA for the hospital. I had my heart set on it and knew I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, but of course I did. My lack of experience isn't helping the cause. But, how am I supposed to get experience if you won't give me the chance? Hmph. Well, that's a whole other story.

Here's hoping to a better rest of the week. I really do have so much to be thankful for and am doing my best to hold my head up high. All of this disappointment and frustration has to lead to something good.
{Or so I hope!} Thank you for letting me share and vent about this frustrating day everyone.

Much love,



  1. Aww I'm so sorry you had such a rotten day, And that those woman are being so childish. I'm not a vegetarian but I respect your choice in the matter and would never stoop to that level. I hope things get better for you : )

  2. Marci , My heart goes out to you and i feel upset that your schooling at the college is not going as planned .....nursing school is so very very tough but it is so very very worth it..... you need to be perserverant and follow it through to the end because the rewards are so great and diverse ......i am a registered nurse for near 30 years and you too will be one some day !! ...... you know i am wondering why you did not get a notice about the cancellation of the evening program ..... if i were you you and you have the energy to do it i would seek legal counsel about trying to get your money back or better yet maybe you can contact some of the people in your former evening classes to see if they also like to join you with seeking councel ( chances are they are frustrated and feeling abandoned about the termination of the program ...... there has to be something you can do if the college did not give you any notice ).....and about those immature women who are disrespecting your choices on the daily menu..... don't place too much stock in their opinion ......it sounds as if they are insensitive and insecure ( definitely not the kind of people you need to be around for lunch because you will end up with GI distress)
    .....i will keep you in prayer so that you are able to get through these trying times ....i will leave with this scripture from the New Testament , The LORD is talking here when he says , "Never will I leave you ; never will I forsake you . " So we say with confidence , 'The LORD is my helper ;I will not be afraid . What can man do to me ?' " HEBREWS 13:5-6 ..... Prayerfully you will have a good day ....If you are feeling down and need a lift Come on over and visit me sometime : )

  3. Oh Marci, That is awful. I'm so sorry that your school is such a PITA. And WTH? Aren't these people adults? Why on Earth would that tease someone for their choices in life? I hope you are able to find another school or another group of people to be with at school.

  4. I am new here! Hope you will come follow my blogs also :) Have a great day! Shauna

  5. I was in tears while reading your post! My husband is an RN and I remember how hard it was to juggle working, going to school, planning a wedding , oh and dealing with the occasional “male RN” questions from family, friends and peers. He also had a lot of problems with classes being canceled or schedule changes and I always felt that this was so unfair. I totally agree with Summer, you should seek legal counsel, if a nursing program represents itself as a program for working adults with families, it should have to stick to that. Please do not let this get you down, soon enough you will be an RN and all these issues will be in the past. As for all those horrible classmates, they will have a really hard time being good nurses, they will learn quickly that you need to be open to everyone’s beliefs and choices, because you don't get to pick your patients! Keep your head up, God bless and take care.

  6. I have had similar problems while in school. Hang in there!


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