Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! (Home edition)

Can we all say... Hooray! Here is a sneak peek of our first home:

I love this kitchen! The cupboards are so pretty.

I am beyond excited to have a dishwasher!!

Master Bath.

Garden tub and shower.

The boys own bathroom.

Master Bedroom

Dining room and sliding door to backyard.

Basement/TV room.

Laundry room.



  1. So beautiful! Love the cupboards, and would kill for a basement!!

  2. Thank you! I love them too :-} We currently live in about 1,000 sq. feet and this home we are moving into is 2,600! I can hardly wait for the space... And a dishwasher!!

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  4. Congradulation on the new house! You'll be loving the more space...

  5. very exciting...our first home was nothing as nice as this...you are a lucky girl...have fun making it your own.


    stuff and nonsense

  6. Ohh!! how exciting. I can't wait to get our own.
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

  7. I love your kitchen!! And is that a garden tube I see?! Very exciting!!

  8. Thanks so much everyone! The space is unimaginable, I can't wait. Were really excited :) I will be putting more up of course after we get all moved in. Thanks again ladies!

  9. Your new home is beautiful! The cabinets are beautiful. I love that dark rich color!


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