Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Lovelies and moving time

Sorry for the lack of posting friends, we are currently moving into our first home!!  It has been a long 3 and a 1/2 months of waiting for this house, we are so ready! 
I saw a post that a fellow blogger had written of her favorite things and I thought it sounded kinda fun.
So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things as of late:

1} The birds chirping in the mornings letting us know Spring has arrived! (Or is at least trying to.)
2} Moving into our first home and decorating it!
3} My new set of dishes.. so pretty!!
4} Diet Mt. Dew with just a tiny bit of code red ;)
5} Fruit! I'm especially loving oranges right now.
6} Hot baths with candles and reading my fav book, Eat Pray Love.
7} The fact that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt-1 comes out April 15th!! (release party!) Going!!
8} My new hair extensions!! Finally, long blond hair! (My hair could get an award for how slow it grows, seriously!)
9} Glitter toes!
10} Lovely sunshine!
11} Walks with my babies on a nice, beautiful day.
12} Watching my little guys color and do our daily projects together!
13} Shoes, shoes and more shoes.. I think I have a problem.. Tee hee.
14} My collection of Spunky Junky necklaces
14} Sleeping in nice, fresh sheets.
15} My new pink Kitchenaid.. I am so in love!
16} Target & Charlotte Russe <3 
17} Baking cupcakes!
18} Picture frames!
19} All things Buddha- Especially my newest water fountain., awwwesome!
20} Planning all of my interior design for our new home!!! So much fun!
21} Martini's and a night out on the town every once in a while!
22} A new, fresh quarter of Nursing school!!
23} Chardonnay wine.. Best wine, ever.

More to come at another time!
Have a great day and I'll see ya Friday!



  1. Hi! I'm a new follower from Bee Friendly Friday! I love the name of your blog, so cute! Yay for the new house! We're currently trying to get rid of ours. :)
    I hope you'll stop on by my blog, we've got an email subscription hop starting a little later this evening.

  2. hi i'm a new follower from the hop...u can find me at htt://

  3. Just stopping by to follow you from the blog hop. Hope you'll come visit me, too!

  4. Best of luck on the move! I hope you get settled in soon!

  5. Here from the blog hop! I love your content thus far and will float back for some other entries later today! I hope to see you at Tales of an Unlikely Mother, too!

  6. Thanks for hosting! Your newest follower from Bee friendly Friday. Hope you could come by and follow me too. Thanks!

  7. Good luck with your move! Nice to find you on the bee friendly hop. My sister and I have our brand new personal blog up, and we actually have a handmade online business called LaDy LaDuke, since you mentioned you like handmade;)

  8. Hi, I'm your newest follower on GFC with both of my blogs! I would love for you to follow back!
    Check out my weekly blog hop "Stalk Hop Friday"! With 6 ways to Link-Up!

  9. I'm your newest follower :D

  10. Oh my... how exciting and stressful and wonderful! Good luck and happy moving!


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