Monday, June 27, 2011

Scrub Ink!

"Custom Printed. Fabulously fitted. Designer Scrubs."

Let me first begin with saying, I am pleased to finally be able to have the time to be blogging! Nursing school is slowly "stealing" more and more of it lately but I am slowly growing used to it. Along with school,  I have also been working as a CNA for a Home health and Hospice company where scrubs are the dress code. (What better dress code can there be!? Teehee.) I have quite the selection, but like many other people in the Medical profession, the saying goes- You can never have too many scrubs! And oh boy, what a true statement. I came in contact with ScrubInk a couple of months ago and they began advertising on my blog. When I got the opportunity to have them as a sponsor, I was thrilled! We have instantly clicked, and they have been amazing to work with, very patient and very kind.

Scrub Ink is located in NYC and all of their wonderful scrubs are hand made right here in America. The company was brought to life by a Father-Daughter duo, here is how they got their start:

"After watching a sea of nurses walking past their office window, Rodger and Dalia (a father-daughter duo) couldn’t help but notice how they all looked very similar. Rodger, having 30 years of experience in the garment industry, and Dalia an award winning graphic designer knew there had to be a way to combine fashion and personality to the classic uniform, without compromising professional appearance.
Since 1950, Rodger and Dalia’s family has been manufacturing in the garment center. They have shipped to large corporations, small businesses, and individuals with pride and care. From the onset of their careers, they have prided themselves in manufacturing every one of their quality garments solely in New York City…not many people can say that!
Through their combined experience of design and fashion, Scrub Ink was born. Today, medical professionals and patients alike are enjoying the unique individuality offered by Scrub Ink…and we hope you will too."

Rodger and Dalia
(Courtesy of

I am particularly picky when it comes to my scrubs, I like them to fit right, don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them, they have to be comfortable, not stain too easily and most importantly, look cute- Including many colors to choose from (That's a given! And yes, it is possible to look cute in scrubs!) To find the perfect scrubs that fit all of that criteria..Well, it can be difficult! But, ladies & gents, I have finally found the perfect scrub company! *Crowd goes wild!* Scrub Ink scrubs meet all of the above, and then some. When you work in a hospital, or are doing your clinicals at a hospital, almost all of your co-workers/fellow students are also in scrubs and a lot of times, it can be hard to "stand out." Scrub Ink has some great customizable signature tops that allow you to upload any picture you want onto your pocket, OR you can choose from one of their gorgeous designs! How fun is that!? Here are just a few examples if their lovely designer scrub tops:

Here are my cute scrubs- I am in love! 

Please excuse the lack of make-up, long day at work. My pocket says: "Nursing is a work of Heart." So true and so perfect!

With their Scrubs, you can choose from the Contemporary top with side seamed pockets, the classic tops with front curved pockets or the Modern- three pocket top that has a cute stitched pocket. Along with their stylish contemporary or classic pants,  they all have a large variety of great colors! (They also have a wonderful selection of men's scrubs!) I personally love the contemporary top, it fits wonderfully and I really love the side pockets, they are hidden are not bunchy like many others I have come across. The fabric is beyond comfortable made with the finest 65% polyester 35% cotton fabric that both washes well and requires very little care while provide outstanding comfort. I have never worn scrubs that so soft! Along with scrubs, they also carry Lab coats, layering tees and a great selection of clearance scrubs.

Scrub Ink scrubs are affordable, cute, customizable and comfortable. It doesn't get much better than that when it comes to finding the perfect scrub company to go through! The owners are wonderful, and so kind to work with. You will love your Scrubs from Scrub Ink! My favorite part of their lovely scrubs has to be the material and the fit, okay and the option to customize your scrubs- I know that is three things, but I couldn't pick just one!

You can find Scrub Ink on Facebook and Twitter- Be sure to check them out and let them know I sent ya. They have sales and promos every once in a while, so keep a look out for them! If you happen to get a pair and love them as much as I do, let us know! We would love to hear all about it. 

Have a great night lovelies! And thank you again for reading my blog. It's great to have you all here!
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