Monday, August 29, 2011

My mini make-over

Two weeks ago, I decided to chop off a lot of my hair... I usually regret it after a couple days, but this time I am loving it! Sad, but true- The last time I cut my hair was when I was 7 months pregnant with Brighton! Over two years ago, how bad is that? This salon visit was definitely due!

I had scheduled a baby sitter for the day and headed out at 9 am. After I hit up Starbucks, I went to the Aveda Institute hair school and was treated like royalty.. For 6 hours! It was- awwwwwmazin'. I had my hair cut first, a deep conditioning treatment paired with a hot towel facial, a shoulder and hand massage and a nice pedicure last. I was offered Tea, water and my stylist was beyond sweet. I Loved it! Oh, and splurged on my first nice hair products. All in all, it was a fun-much-needed day! Oh- and I almost forgot... I got my $50.00 gift certificate to the Aveda school on city deals for just $21.00! I love a good bargain. You have no idea just how excited I was to find that!

A new me:
buh-bye long hair!



  1. Oh, I'm envious. That day just sounds amazing. I recently cut my hair (not at a fancy salon or anything), and it has also been almost two years since I cut it.

    You look great. Hopefully the relaxation from that day lasts a little while.


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