Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Much needed Va-Ca coming soon,
to be continued.

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, May 23, 2011

School, life and keeping up.

Lately, my life has been consisting of, my kiddos, work, homework, keeping up on cleaning & more school. I based my blogs title on my life's common theme, which really is Balancing stilettos & scrubs. How do we do it all as Mothers? Between our children, cooking, cleaning, taking care of our selves, paying bills, wiping noses, laundry... The list  never ends does it. There are some days that I wake up and wonder, how in the world am I going to be able to make it through today? To get everything done? Keep everybody happy? 
What keeps me going is my babies and wanting nothing but the best for them, because well, they deserve nothing less. 20 hour days are all for them and our Family. I know all of this will pay off, soon enough! 

Some things that help me, that may help others: 

*Lists- I love to make all kinds of lists! Especially To-Do lists. I'm a mom of two, I work as a home health and hospice CNA part time, school full-time and now becoming a volunteer for the local children's Hospital- Lists are a must for me!
*Encouraging post it notes in my planner and on my phone
*Family support, a must have! 
*Nice, long baths at least 2-3x a week to clear my head
*Doing what I love- Baking cupcakes! I do my best to make a little time for this.
*Keeping up on cleaning- My goal when we moved in our home a month ago, was to never go to bed with dishes in the sink and coffee not ready for the following day. I've been able to keep up on this all but a few nights! (With some help of course) Nothing like the stress of a filthy house, it helps to keep up on it, even if that means cleaning every day
*Never forgetting my goals and working towards it everyday
*Diet coke- helps everything, this is fact. (Okay, not really, but you know what I mean) 
*Date nights! (Were due for one soon) It always helps to have some one on one time with your hubby, especially if you don't get to see him as often as you would like. 
*Studying daily to get better grades in school, no matter how tired I am. Even 30 minutes helps! 

Hope that helps a little, I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!

Here are some photos from my life lately- via my iPhone:

Park days!

Working, very, very early.

New Tom's shoes! And scrubs <3

Relaxing baths...

Home made Foccacia bread, recipe coming this week.

Doing my best to study with two toddlers running around me.

Re-writing 6 hours of lecture notes from Physiology.... Hoping it will help retain info better.

More studying..

Red Bulls help ;)

Smore's cupcakes- Vegan. Recipe next week! (From Vegan cupcakes take over the world) You'll love it!

So how do you do it all? I would love some more advice! 



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome to our first home!

Okay, you better prepare yourself, you're about to experience a plethura of House warming photos! I know you are all so very excited- Or at least, I hope so.
I am very excited to share our first home with you!  

Welcome to our first Home!

Welcome to the sitting room:

My gorgeous Hutch, designed by Felicia at Skitt-A-Skatt Furniture
My favorite piece of furniture in the house!
(I will take better pictures later, sorry about the quality.) 

The lovely chaise lounge, perfect for studying and drinking a nice cup of coffee:

Living room, back wall. The backyard is just outside of here.

We are SO in love with our kitchen! Small project coming soon:

Coffee area
Got that awesome coffee pot as a housewarming gift from some good friends:

 Corner of kitchen-
My verrrrry early Birthday gift- My pink Kitchenaid. Couldn't have asked for any better present! I love that thing!

Area above fridge- Rockin' our Vegan bowls.

Kitchen sink & Bar
Oh, & the always-filled Oreo cookie jar ;)

Microwave & Stove area:

Cute vinyl along side the pantry:

Dining area & sliding door to backyard:

Heading up-stairs now.....

Welcome to the laundry room!
Next step here- paint.. One day, one day....
But it is so very nice to have a laundry room with a door that closes! Especially since it is right down the hall from the kids room, I finally enjoy doing laundry. (Yes, seriously!)

I heart this Linen sign I bought for a steal at Gardner Village:

Welcome to the master bedroom!:

Entry way/Bathroom door:

The Oh-SO-Relaxing master bath:

In love with our Garden tub. It is perfect for a nice soak after a long day. 

Just down the hall, we have the boys bedroom-
Bri's end of the room, the 3-bears blanket my Mom made them & dresser:

L's end of the room & his race car bed:

The Boys cute little bathroom:

Thank you for stopping by our house warming,
Were so happy to have you!

Coming next- Basement & guest bath.

Enjoy and have a lovely Tuesday! 

Let me know what you think! 

Much love,


Monday, May 9, 2011

It's been too long

Since I've posted!! So sorry about that friends. Were finally officially moved in and celebrated it this past weekend with our housewarming party. It was a blast! I am planning on doing a whole post with a reenactment of the housewarming to welcome you all and take you on a little tour ;) I'm struggling a great deal this quarter in school, so please forgive my absence! My posting won't be as often as it used to be, but will be more than it has been. I'm excited to be back!! I an slowly working on the housewarming post and am planning on having it up this week. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Much love,
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