Thursday, July 28, 2011

No-Bake cookies {Vegan style}

Did the "No-bake" Phrase catch you? Or are you a life-long lover of these deeeelish cookies? I have always been! I remember my Mom making them for me when I was little and every time I would try, I failed. Yes, friends I failed at no-bake cookies... I haven't always been such a good cook ;) Alright, alright, so I'm not that great but I try! Well, here at our home we keep as much vegan food in the house as possible. I am working on being better, but slip every now and then. My kids and husband eat strictly vegan though. I wanted to make something new and different from our "normal" desserts {i.e. Cupcakes..} And decided on these lovelies.
Initially, I couldn't remember the ingredients and was hope, hope, hoping I could replace the dairy ingredients and make them vegan style. Mission accomplished! They turned out perfectly, hurray!

Here is the spruced up No-Bake cookie recipe, Vegan Style:

  • 1 3/4 Cups of sugar
  • 1/4 Cup of brown sugar
  • 4 Tbsp Cocoa 
  • 1 Stick Earth Balance Butter
  • 1/2 Cup of Rice Dream, original Rice milk
  • 1 Cup of Peanut Butter
  • 1 Tbsp of Pure Vanilla
  • 3 Cups of quick oats 
  • Waxed paper -OR- Cake/brownie pan

Directions for finger-lickin' good cookies:

In a large sauce pan, bring to boil: Your sugar, brown sugar, cocoa, Earth Balance butter and rice milk. Let these ingredients boil for about 1 minute, then add your peanut butter, vanilla and oatmeal. Stir well and using a spoon, drop little scoops onto your wax paper to set up, or if using a brownie pan, pour mixture into the pan and let set for about an hour and enjoy!! 

This Recipe was inspired by, made with vegan love by me.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Smooth.. Or maybe not so much.

Woah... Life has taken a 360* degree turn in the last month. How does that even happen so fast? Jeez. Well, I've been hanging on by the seat of my pants and ready for a whole new adventure. As many of you may know, I was in Nursing school working on my AAS of Nursing. I was exactly half-way through.. Until 2 weeks ago. I left. I respectfully withdrew myself from the technical schools Nursing program and to date, it was the best decision I have made. You may be wondering why? Why the hell would someone walk away, half way through their Nursing program?

Many reasons. Many good, positive, right reasons. 

To start, I had a horrible last quarter. Horrible to say the least. My very last day of finals, I "failed" my Physiology final by 2 questions. The minimum grade you can get in any Nursing core class at this particular school is a 70%. If you get any less, you have to  (x) amount of tuition to retake the whole thing again along with getting held back 3 months. I just happen to get a 68%. I was half way through and this happened? I had an overall 80% grade in the class... I worked the hardest I have in my life last quarter, I was studying 25+ hours a week outside of class. Well, come to find out it was a Blessing in disguise. It brought to light what I really wanted to do with my degree, to achieve and to succeed at. I have always wanted, and dreamed about attending a respectful University.

If I were to stay at the private school I was at, ZERO of my credits would transfer to a regionally accredited University. I would have basically had to start over when I wanted to work towards my Bachelors, then eventually my masters. Awful, I know. I knew this going into the program, and initially I was fine with having an AAS in Nursing, but have since changed my mind.. For the better I hope! I want more opportunities in my field. I recently attended a NICU conference and had some nice talks with several Nurses that were there. I got some wonderful advice from many of them and took it to heart. Many have said that the outlook in the next 5-10 years is that hospitals may start requiring a Bachelors degree for RN's instead of an AAS in Nursing.  So I'm going for it! Taking a huge leap of faith and never looking back. It is hard to take in that the whole last years education is virtually worth nothing and that I have to repeat all of the classes, but I feel this is the right and best decision for my future as a Neonatal Nurse. I start classes in less than a month, starting off with 13 credits. I am so excited! Shouldn't be too hard to get a good GPA this quarter. Shooting for a 4.0. Wish me luck on all of this!



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Levin edition

I Just love this little dude- He is currently potty training and is rocking it! 
(Hence the potty seat on his head, teehee! Don't worry, it hadn't been used yet!) 

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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